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Widge BurnsWidge BurnsWidge Burns (Gungrave)
Mid 60'sMid 60's
Brown (balding, later gray)Brown (balding, later gray)
Brown (later blind)Brown (later blind)
Money collectorMoney collector
Micheal SorichKatsuhisa Houki (宝亀克寿)
Episode 5, "Millennion"Episode 5, "Millennion"

Character Description: Widge Burns

When Brandon Heat was first taken into the Millennion group by Randy, Widge Burns was the person that had given Brandon a place to stay and work at, allowing the young man to stay at his office while Brandon's friend Harry McDowell learned the business end of Millennion. Widge made his living by being a collector for the various bookmaking schemes Millennion ran. Originally, he had his best friend Gary do some of the enforcing of the debts that were made, but he had Brandon help Gary out.

Widge is almost as old as Millennion itself, and knows the history of how the organization was founded by Big Daddy, and told that history to Brandon. Although he doesn't like getting his hands dirty, he is often known to kill those who betray the Code of Iron, Millennion's basic and binding law. But as Widge's and Gary's lot in Millennion improved, mostly from Brandon's constant contact with Big Daddy, both Widge and Gary profited with heightened positions within the organization, although still at the bottom rungs. And when Widge's elderly mother eventually grew ill and died, it was Brandon's influence that allowed Widge to place her in a decent hospital, where she could die with dignity.

After Brandon's death, Widge's fortunes, along with Gary's, took a downturn, the two of them becoming downsized and unemployed. Widge had even lost his sight due to glaucoma. But when Brandon, now as Beyond the Grave, had guarded Mika Asagi, Big Daddy and Maria's daughter, he took her to Widge's home. Gary, who was now living with Widge at the time because of living expenses, didn't recognized Grave at first, but Widge recognized the voice of Brandon, and taken the two in. When Grave left Mika alone with the two to find Dr. Tokioka, Widge then told the story of Millennion's founding to Mika, like he did with Brandon years before. Sadly, though, Widge, along with Gary, were killed by Balladbird Lee, who also captured Mika to force a battle with Grave.

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