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Honey and CloverHachimitsu to Clover (γƒγƒγƒŸγƒ„γ¨γ‚―γƒ­γƒΌγƒγƒΌ)Honey and Clover
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Honey & Clover (alternate spelling)Hachikuro
24 TV Episodes (season 1), 2 specials
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12 TV episodes (season 2)
April 14, 2005
JC Staff, Dentsu, Fuji TV, Shueisha, Asmik
Chika Umino
Kenichi Kasai
Comedy, Drama, RomanceComedy, Drama, Romance
Ayumi YamadaAyumi Yamada
· · ·
Hagumi HanamotoHagumi Hanamoto
· · ·
Shinobu MoritaShinobu Morita
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Characters: Honey and Clover

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ayumi Yamada Ayumi Yamada Nakamura Tatsuyoshi βŠ• Nakamura Tatsuyoshi βŠ•
Hagumi Hanamoto Hagumi Hanamoto Ooshima Matsukichi βŠ• Ooshima Matsukichi βŠ•
Shinobu Morita Shinobu Morita Professor D βŠ• Professor D βŠ•
Takumi Mayama Takumi Mayama Rika Harada βŠ• Rika Harada βŠ•
Yuta Takemoto Yuuta Takemoto Rokutarou βŠ• Rokutarou βŠ•
Chouko βŠ• Chouko βŠ• Shuuji Hanamoto βŠ• Shuuji Hanamoto βŠ•
Kazuhiko Hasegawa βŠ• Kazuhiko Hasegawa βŠ• Takemoto Mitsuko βŠ• Takemoto Mitsuko βŠ•
Matsuda Ichiro βŠ• Matsuda Ichiro βŠ• Yamazaki Kazushi βŠ• Yamazaki Kazushi βŠ•
Megami Hasegawa βŠ• Megami Hasegawa βŠ•

Description: Honey and Clover

Honey & Clover tells the story of three struggling art college students named Yuuta Takemoto, Takumi Mayama, and Shinobu Morita. They share the same apartment together. Unfortunately, the three students live in poverty, and are only able to obtain pleasure in the small things in life.

Honey & Clover depicts the life, loves and struggles of these three students, and soon they all meet a very young-looking but talented 18-year old named Hagumi Hanamoto. Together, they learn the ups and downs of college living. For these students, life reflects art, not to mention a struggle for the next meal.

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