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Japanese Info
Hyper Speed GrandollHyper Speed GrandollHyper Speed Grandoll
3 OVA episodes3 OVA episodes
Bandai VisualBandai Visual
Katsumi Hasegawa
Hideki Tonokatsu
Action, AdventureAction, Adventure
Grand Knight βŠ•Grand Knight βŠ•
· · ·
Haruna Saotome βŠ•Haruna Saotome βŠ•
· · ·
Hikaru Amagi βŠ•Hikaru Amagi βŠ•
· · ·
Kouichi Amagi βŠ•Kouichi Amagi βŠ•
· · ·
Miki Amagi βŠ•Miki Amagi βŠ•
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon and The Right Stuf.

Characters: Hyper Speed Grandoll

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Grand Knight βŠ• Grand Knight βŠ• Peos βŠ• Peos βŠ•
Haruna Saotome βŠ• Haruna Saotome βŠ• Senoir Narazaki βŠ• Senoir Narazaki βŠ•
Hikaru Amagi βŠ• Hikaru Amagi βŠ• Sigil βŠ• Sigil βŠ•
Kouichi Amagi βŠ• Kouichi Amagi βŠ• Sir Freedshalf βŠ• Sir Freedshalf βŠ•
Miki Amagi βŠ• Miki Amagi βŠ•

Description: Hyper Speed Grandoll

Hyper Speed Grandoll is a anime that looks and feels like Sailor Moon. The main character is Hikaru Amagi. Unknown by her, she was sent to Earth when she was six years old. Miki and Kouichi Amagi were the ones who found her. She grew up not knowing about this, and learned about it when a group of aliens from her home planet (Planet Gran) came looking for the Grand Armor.

The Grand Armor is what started the whole chaos that made Hikaru's real parents send her to Earth. A renegade solider named Freedshalf wanted the armor so he could become all powerful. He destroyed buildings and a lot of lives to find it. He instead found Sigil, a temple priestess (same age as Hikaru), and took her and trained her to do his evil deeds. She comes to Earth along with Peos to find the armor and instead becomes friends with Hikaru and Haruna. The final battle take place in space and she defeats Sir Freedshalf and saves the universe.

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