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Character Profile: Bokuseno

USA Info
Japanese Info
Bokuseno   Bokuseno (InuYasha)
Old Bokuseno  
Mongolian tree Mongolian tree
2000 years old 2000 years old
Tree in a forest Tree in a forest
"Protecting one's self"  
John Murphy Taimei Suzuki
Episode 51: Inuyasha's Soul, Devoured Episode 51: Inuyasha's Soul, Devoured
InuYasha InuYasha

Character Description: Bokuseno

Although a minor character, he is an important character in the manga, and the anime. Bokuseno is an old friend of InuYasha's father (just like Hosenki, the demon who made the black pearl). The sheaths for the Tetsusaiga, and the Tenseiga came from his branches.

Sesshoumaru came to see him on InuYasha's scent changing to of a full demon twice (when Naraku's third incarnation broke the Tetsusaiga, and when InuYasha let go of the Tetsusaiga). Bokuseno tells him that InuYasha can never be a full fledged demon. He explains that when Sesshoumaru is in battle, that he remains calm, and doesn't lose control.

InuYasha however, when his life is on the line, his demon blood takes over because the demon blood is too strong for InuYasha. As he said, "In further transformations, he would loose part of his human soul. He would not tell the difference between friend or foe. He would only know how to kill until he is destroyed." Sesshoumaru understands why InuYasha has the Tetsusaiga, and he goes to find InuYasha to see if Bokuseno's words are true.

Bokuseno's words repeat in the next episode, and Sesshoumaru tells Kagome, if you want him transformed back, give him Tetsusaiga other wise he'll keep fighting. Sesshoumaru also says as he leaves, "Why kill him now when he doesn't know himself? There would be no point."

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