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Character Profile: Prince Soma Asman Kadar

USA Info
Japanese Info
Prince Soma Asman KadarPrince Soma Asman KadarPrince Soma Asman Kadar (Black Butler)
Human, considered a god to AgniHuman, considered a god to Agni
17 years old17 years old
Christopher AyresShinnosuke Tachibana
Black ButlerKuroshitsuji (黒執事)

Character Description: Prince Soma Asman Kadar

A highly spoiled Indian prince, as stark a contrast to Ciel Phantomhive as Lizzie. Regardless, Soma views Ciel as one of his dearest friends. Seeing as how Ciel and Sebastian changed his view from spoiled rotten brat to kind, caring individual concerned for others. But change such as that does not comes over night, so he has decided to travel the world over and become an excellent man worthy of mention.

He can not do this without his most loyal friend and servant Agni, whose incredible speed and skill in battle and domestic work rivals Sebastian Michaelis'. Before Soma's trip to England, he had lost a woman servant he had loved dearly. Hearing of a man stronger than any other man alive, he sought out and found this man, saving him from being hung for his crimes. Cutting through both the noose around his neck and so much long hair in one deft slice, Soma announced to both the convict and the crowd that the man they had seen that day was dead. From that day forth the wild man would own a new life as his male servant 'Agni'.

Before he even met Ciel, Soma had a selfish streak ten miles long and blamed all of his problems on others. In addition, he also used his parents money for his own purposes, unlike the constant flow of charity Ciel runs (to get where he desires in life... so they aren't completely different after all).

It was because of this self-centered arrogance that Meena, one of his former servants and someone he looked up to as an older sister. She left for London with a man known as Lord West in order to satisfy her desire to climb higher and higher "using as many men" as she can. This causes Soma to pack up and go looking for her. However, after finding her, she rejects him coldly and walks away, leaving him to gather what was left of his shattered heart. He is then confronted by the Phantomhive servants who give him some of Sebastian's curry bread. The taste is so inspiring, and with a little more encouragement from Ciel, finds the courage to go to the competition and give Agni the support he needed to fight a horde of crazed curry samplers affected by a spice called curry-ma.

In personality, Soma is one of the dorkiest people on Kuroshitsuji, and I'm not just talking about how awkward things can get around him. I mean he has some of the strangest quirks that just make you want to say "Nerd!" Watch the OVA "Welcome to the Phantomhives". How many people try suggesting marriage after just meeting someone? Agni's response is questionable as well. His behavior is just straight up unusual, from changing his mind in an instant to hanging onto Ciel and crying his eyes out. Then there's the fact that he does act like royalty more often then not, proven in the first episode he appears in.

There is contradiction when it comes to his intelligence: if he's stupid or just plain outlandish. For example, in the second season of Kuroshitsuji, Soma almost blows the cover of everyone who is aware of Ciel's amnesia by clinging to Ciel and crying. This may make him seem overemotional, but you would be too if you had lost one of your dearest friends in mind. Now with Sebastian in the first season, episode 14... in the night, Sebastian violently wakes Soma by pulling him out of bed and threatening him... Soma later hides behind Ciel (likely because Sebastian wouldn't go straight through his master... and there was no one else that could help him.

Soma happens to be the prince of Bengal, but now hands out curry bread to the needy in London.

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