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Yuri ShibuyaYuuri ShibuyaYuri Shibuya (Kyou Kara Maoh)
Baseball BoyBaseball Boy
· · ·
Your MajestyYour Majesty
· · ·
Half human, half demonHalf human, half demon
15 years old15 years old
Black; dark brownBlack; dark brown
Black; dark brownBlack; dark brown
5'7"171 cm
88.2 lbs40 kg
Maou of the DemonsMaou of the Demons
"Justice be done!"
Jimmy Benedict (epiosodes 1-5); Yuri Lowenthal (episodes 6+)Takahiro Sakurai
Kyou Kara MaohKyou Kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyugyo

Character Description: Yuri Shibuya

Yuuri is a 15 year old boy who one day, when trying to help a boy who is being picked on (Ken), ends up getting a swirly. However, the toilet ended up transporting him to another world. He finds out that he is the Maou (Demon King) of the land and must help the demons with their problems with the humans.

He has many allies and friends. However his closest allies are Conrad, Wolfram, Gunter, Gwendal, Murata, and Josak. They help Yuuri out throughout the series.

At his first encounter with Wolfram he ends up engaged to him due to a mishap. He also has to fight with Wolfram. During that battle Yuuri turns into the true Demon King.

Yuuri can transform into this true Demon King form whenever he feels great anger. In this form he can summon powerful magic, even in the human territories. However, after spending time in this form Yuuri becomes worn out and in some cases passes out and doesn't remember what happened afterwards.

Character Description: Yuri Shibuya

Yuri Shibuya is a high school student who got flushed down a toilet into the Demon world and was inaugurated as the 27th Demon King. He possesses a spirit of competition and sense of justice that are stronger than others. He has a father who is a banker, a girlish mother, and a brother who is a genius.

In the second episode of the anime he gets engaged to the third son of the former monarch Lord Wolfram von Blelefelt. He gets in this state because Wolfram insulted his mother and he slapped him with his left hand on his cheek. In the Demon world that is a way of saying "Will you marry me?"

After that Wolfram challenged Yuri to a duel by dropping a butter knife and Yuri picked it up, that is the way they challenge people in the Demon world. During the fight a woman got hurt and Yuri was so angry that he unleashed the demon powers deep inside himself and summoned a water spirit to stop Wolfram. Later on it seems that Yuri can not remember what he did with his power.

Has time goes on it seems that when ever Yuri uses his demon powers he sleeps for two or three days and doesn't remember a thing he did.

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