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MetabeeMetabee (Medabots)
Ikki's medabotIkki's medabot
"Dude, I rock"
Episode 1Episode 1

Character Description: Metabee

Metabee was originally owned by Henry, who used him to win the world championships. Alas, after this event, he also caused the Ten Days of Darkness afterwards, and Henry and Metabee fell out of the spotlight. He was then sold to Ikki several years later, and Henry disguised himself as Phantom Renegade to steal Medals for Dr. Akki. One of these stolen medals would be Metabee's original.

Metabee is a Hercules Beetle type Medabot, so he has a passion for watermelons, which some use as an advantage. He is headstrong and often overconfident, but he is always loyal to his friends, even when he'd rather leave them to their own punishments. He's also very stubborn.

He possesses few attacks in the first series, being an outdated model of Medabot:

Laser Cannon - He uses his standard blasters on his arms to fire rapidly at the target
Missile Launch - His antlers (A trait from being a Beetle-type) fire two missiles at the target, this often finishes them off.

Additionally, as his Medal is especially rare and unique, he also possesses the ability to use the infamous and powerful Medaforce, which he fires out of both of his arm cannons simultaneously, usually with the exclamation "MEDAFORCE!!". When he first uses it, he uses the line "Dude, I rock", which quickly becomes his catchphrase.

Character Description: Metabee

All of his life, Ikki had wanted a medabot of his own and to make it to the World Robattling Championship. He buys an outdated medabot from Henry, a store clerk, and one day stumbles upon a rare medal while walking near the river. He puts the medal in the body, and then comes Metabee.

Metabee doesn't always follow Ikki's command in Robattles unlike other medabots. He just believes in his own stength and never gives up even if Ikki tries to. His overconfidence always leads to a fight with Ikki and Mrs. Tenryou always has to do ridiculous things to make them shut up. He is a great Medabot, once owned by the Champion of the World Robattling Championship, Henry (yup, the store clerk).

He later unleashes the medaforce, a mysterious force that dwells deep in rare medals that even the famous Dr. Aki cannot explain fully. Metabee uses it a couple of times, usually agains the Rubberobos. Metabee cannot remember anything after summoning the medaforce because his energy was all used up.

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