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Anime Profile: Midnight Panther

USA Info
Japanese Info
Midnight PantherMidnight PantherMidnight Panther
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
Central Park Media/Anime 18Green Bunny
Yu Asagiri
Comedy, Fantasy, HentaiComedy, Fantasy, Hentai
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Baba βŠ• Baba βŠ•
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King Bad βŠ•
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Old Lady βŠ•
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Oyaji βŠ• Oyaji βŠ•
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Rei βŠ• Rei βŠ•
· · ·
Sonya βŠ• Sonya βŠ•

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Description: Midnight Panther

The Pussycats, a troupe of three pop singers, have a secret night job... namely the deadly assassins-for-hire named the Midnight Panther. Sonya, a sultry brunette, kills her victims by strangling them with her long hair... but not before seducing them. The blonde Rei is capable of transforming into a leopard and devouring her victims... as well as playing with them sexually. But Lukish, because of her great strength (and underdeveloped body) only seems to be good at killing the dragons their old lady manager needs for her poisons, and not the juicy assignments Sonya and Rei enjoy.

Midnight Panther However, their newest assignment changes everything. A despotic king is cruelly treating the subjects of his kingdom and the Pussycats have been hired to kill him. But for Lukish it is personal... the king is her older brother who had killed her royal parents, who had disguised her as a boy so that she could assend the throne. Now Lukish is given this assignment, which means she must use her body... as well as another talent... to kill the one she cares for... and hates... the most.

Midnight Panther

Image Gallery: Midnight Panther Episode 1 Screenshots

Image Gallery: Midnight Panther Episode 2 Screenshots

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