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Character Profile: Dr. Hiriluk

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dr. Hiriluk Dr. Hiruluk Dr. Hiriluk (One Piece)
Quack Doctor Quack Doctor
· · ·
Dr. Quackenstien(to Dr. Kuresha) Dr. Quackenstien(to Dr. Kuresha)
Human Human
Male Male
Gray Gray
Black Black
Crazy Doctor of Drum Island Crazy Doctor of Drum Island
"I am a doctor!" "I am a doctor!"
One Piece One Piece

Character Description: Dr. Hiriluk

Dr. Hiriluk is the "crazy doctor" in Drum Island. He earned this nickname from all of the crazy things he does to people. But his intentions are good. When Walpo made a law that no doctors could help the people, Dr. Hiriluk stood in. One day, running from Walpo's army, Dr. Hiriluk found Chopper. He had ben shot at and was injured. Dr. Hiriluk immediately tried to help Chopper and got punched in the face by him. Chopper then passed out from his injuries.

When Chopper awoke he was in Hiriluk's room/house. Dr. Hiriluk then found out Chopper could talk. The doctor was working on some odd experiment when it exploded. The two ran out right before it exploded, thus avoiding and serious injuries. This is when Hiriluk named Chopper "Tony Tony Chopper". He then explained how Chopper could chop down trees with his antlers.

Dr. Hiriluk told Chopper a story of a man who had an incurable disease that would kill him but when he saw Cherry Blossom Trees he was magically cured. The doctor then told Chopper that he would fight like a grand line pirate to try to make Cherry blossoms grow on their winter island. Little did Chopper know that Dr. Hiriluk had this incurable disease that the man in the story had. Hiriluk kicked Chopper out right when he was cured because Dr. Hiriluk knew he had very little time before he died from his disease. Chopper trying to help gave Hiriluk a magical mushroom that he had found a picture of in a medicine book. Dr. Hiriluk ate it and knew it was poisoned and went to Walpo knowing he would die shortly. Chopper found out it was poisoned but it was too late, Dr. Hiriluk was gone.

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