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HanmyoHanmyoHanmyo (Outlaw Star)
11 years11 years
Kei PirateKei Pirate
"We were destined to meet.""Are you going to date me?"
Kawakami Tomoko
Episode 15, "The Seven Emerge" (in shadow)Episode 15, "The Seven Emerge" (in shadow)
· · ·
Episode 20, "Cats and Girls and Spaceships"Episode 20, "Cats and Girls and Spaceships"
Outlaw StarSeihou Bukyou Outlaw Star

Character Description: Hanmyo

Hanmyo is the youngest member of the Anten Seven, and an ace pilot. Her ship, the Tora Ata, is a truly unique one; it can seperate into three seperate grappler ships. The main one is piloted by her, and the other two are piloted by her superintelligent cats, Kemi and Mata. This ship has never lost a battle (until, of course, she challenges the Outlaw Star, and even then it takes two seperate battles for them to be able to defeat her).

Hanmyo appears in Episode 20, Cats And Girls And Spaceships. She is given the task of killing Gene so that the Anten Seven can take Melfina and the XGP back. The Tora Ata clashes with the Outlaw Star just outside of the Symka 5 Space Station. The Outlaw Star responds with a barrage of missiles, which the Tora Ata dodges. The two ships come together and begin a grappler battle instead.

The Outlaw Star seems to be winning when Hanmyo unveils her special ability: the grappler arms detach from the Tora Ata and each of the three sections initiates a new battle. Gene is forced to retreat, the ship having taken too much damage.

Hanmyo docks at Symka 5, planning on finding the Outlaw Star when it leaves. She begins practicing her martial arts in the park near the station, and sees Jim when she finishes. She begins talking to him (Jim was playing with her cats) and asks if he's going to date her. His response is "...Maybe". She grins and they agree to meet again at one o'clock. When they meet, Jim gives Hanmyo a bouquet of flowers and they agree to rendezvous the next day at the same time.

Hanmyo returns to her ship. Kemi and Mata reprimand her for making a date when she has a mission, but she responds that she's sorry, but it was fate. As soon as the Outlaw Star disembarks, the Tora Ata follows and engages it in battle again. However, this time the Outlaw Star gains the upper hand, even when Hanmyo seperates the ships into its three grappler entities. Jim has refitted the ship with new weapons and it is in fact his strategy that destroys Kemi, then Mata, and finally Hanmyo herself. They leave her for dead in space.

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