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Anime Profile: Private Sessions 2

USA Info
Japanese Info
Private Sessions 2 (Vanilla Series)Tokubetsu Jyugyou 2 (η‰Ήεˆ₯授ζ₯­2)Private Sessions 2
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
April 29, 2004Around 2002–2003
Critical Mass
Private SessionsPrivate Sessions
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Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
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Asuka Minamoto βŠ• Asuka Minamoto βŠ•
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Madoka βŠ• Madoka βŠ•
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Miki Tachibana βŠ• Miki Tachibana βŠ•
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Characters: Private Sessions 2

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Asuka Minamoto βŠ• Asuka Minamoto βŠ• Satsuki Kirishima βŠ• Satsuki Kirishima βŠ•
Madoka βŠ• Madoka βŠ• Seira Himeno βŠ• Seira Himeno βŠ•
Miki Tachibana βŠ• Miki Tachibana βŠ• Tomoya Ishiguro βŠ• Tomoya Ishiguro βŠ•
Samejima βŠ• Samejima βŠ• Yumi Kirishima βŠ• Yumi Kirishima βŠ•

Description: Private Sessions 2

This sequel seems to have nothing at all to do with it's predecessor, except for the fact that it takes place in a school and is about a teacher who enjoys molesting students. This time around, our perverted professor is a guy named Tomoya. We first see him in a classroom having fun with two female students, inter-cut with some scene taking place in a bar where he's talking to Ishiguro, a new student teacher that happens to look exactly like Tomoya, and have his same last name. This is where we see Tomoya drug Ishiguro so that he can impersonate him at the College of Sacred Maidens, where Ishiguro was supposed to start the very next day.

Private Sessions 2 Apparently Tomoya's very good at turning sexy young women into his sexual servants, because he's only there for two weeks yet seems have two sex slave students as soon as he starts out. He decides that his third servant will be Yumi Kurichi, who is the younger sister of Karishima, another teacher at the school. Saejima, the gym teacher, is Karishima's boyfriend, but he can't seem to keep his hands of her sister, which gives Tomoya what he needs to make Yumi his. All he has to do is wait for Saejima to make his move, which doesn't take long. Then to the rescue he comes! Yumi is so grateful, that she even gives herself up willingly... well, mostly.

Private Sessions 2 Next on the list is Seira, the swim team captain. She had seen him come to the girls swimming pool, and thought he was a total pervert. Actually, she didn't just think it, she flat out told him so, which pretty much sealed her fate. And Tomoya already had what he needed to make her his pet. Earlier, he had overheard that she takes "herbs", which were, unbeknownst to her, illegal drugs. Unfortunately, when he reveals to her what she knows, she decides she'd rather go to the police than be blackmailed by a pervert. Needless to say, this infuriates Tomoya, and he takes Seira anyway.

Private Sessions 2 Next up is Asuka, track start turned lead actress in the theater club's show. Something happened between her and Miki Tachibana, which caused Miki to lose the role of lead actress. Whatever it was, it was apparently Asuka's fault. Jealous that Asuka took her place, Miki pretends to have forgiven Asuka, but secretly stashes some stolen tickets inside Asuka's pocket so the lovely young lass would get blamed for the theft. Of course, the devious Tomoya sees this, and decides to raises the sakes by adding about $1000 in cash to the pocket. Then, after the rehearsal, Tomoya calls Asuka into his now vacant classroom, and has her reveal the bulge in her pocket. We all know what happens next.

And then we move on to the second episode, where the honorable Mr. Tomoya has his way more of the girls, including Miki and Satsuki. There really isn't any kind of story in either episode, just various reasons contrived for the sole purpose of having Tomoya molest the women of the campus... as if Tomoya needed any reasons? I can just picture him saying "Oh, look, your shoelace is untied, guess I better rape you now". Compared to the first title, the art style is similar, the sex is about the same, but the story of the original is just way better (because there actually is one).

Private Sessions 2 Japanese DVD Cover Private Sessions 2

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