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3 Pigs and a Baby

The first film in the new “Unstable Fables” line of animated family features that irreverently and unfaithfully retell classic stories, 3 PIGS AND A BABY is created by the renowned Jim Henson Company, Flame Ventures and Prana Animation Studios.

Featuring an all-star cast including Emmy Award winner Brad Garrett* (Ratatouille, “Everybody Loves Raymond”) and nominee Jon Cryer** (“Two and a Half Men”), Steve Zahn (Daddy Day Care, Chicken Little) and teen sensation Jesse McCartney (“Summerland,”Alvin and the Chipmunks), UNSTABLE FABLES: 3 PIGS AND A BABY is brought to life in breathtaking CG animation and goes way beyond the Big Bad Wolf’s failed attempts to bring down the house!

Hilarious, heartwarming, and showing that families can come in all shapes, sizes and snouts, the UNSTABLE FABLES: 3 PIGS AND A BABY DVD also features exclusive bonus material including a behind the scenes look at the animation process, the voice recording sessions and more!


Equally entertaining for both kids and parents alike, UNSTABLE FABLES: 3 PIGS AND a BABY takes on a whole new twist as a cunning team of special ops wolves hatch an ingenious plan to infiltrate the intrepid pigs’ impenetrable house of bricks. When the unassuming pigs (Garrett, Cryer and Zahn) find a tiny wolf cub on their doorstep, they do what any responsible pig would do – take him in and raise him as one of their own. It’s one big happy family as Lucky (McCartney) enters his teens not knowing his history or his role as a sleeper cell in the wolves’ devious plan. Comedy ensues when Lucky meets and bonds with the wolf gang. Faced with a huge decision, Lucky must choose between the madcap lives of his new wolf friends or the loving pig family that raised him.

Special Features

  • Animation Education with Arish Fyzee – Go behind the scenes of Prana Animation Studios’ process and witness how a movie transforms from drawings to animatics to CGI animation
  • Re-Imagining A Classic: A Conversation with Director Howard E. Baker and Writers Craig Bartlett & Joseph Purdy
  • The Voices of 3 Pigs and A Baby – A behind-the-scenes look at how the stars record their lines before animation is complete and how it all comes together



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