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DVD Review: The Incredibles (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)

I just got my review copy of 4-disc Blu-ray/DVD combo release of The Incredibles, and although I've seen it a few times before, it's been awhile and didn't mind at all watching it again. Of course, since I don't have a Blu-ray player, I can only review the DVD copy and not the high-definition Blu-ray release or the Blu-ray bonus features. I know that part sucks, but Playstation 3 consoles are still too expensive and I'm not going to drop bucks on a standalone Blu-ray player. But good news, you don't need high-definition to enjoy this funny yet action-packed movie.

When the film begins, we find various superheroes tackling normal superhero problems, stopping armed gunmen, rescuing cats out of trees, catching purse snatchers, you know, the usual. There's Frozone who can shoot ice, Mr. Incredible who has super strength, and Elastigirl who can stretch and bend like rubber. Okay, so the powers are kinda typical as well, but that doesn't matter in the least, as this movie is more about family and coming together than it is about super powers. Anyway, after a few unfortunate superhero-related mishaps, lawsuits were filed and eventually superheros became outlawed.

Years later, we find Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, who are married, living as a normal family in the suburbs with a teenage daughter named Violet, a school-aged son named Dash, and a baby named Jack-Jack. Mr. Incredible is frustrated with his dull job as an insurance claim adjuster and his mundane role as a father to super-powered kids who can't truly express themselves. Thus, he begins going out at night with his friend Frozone to help people back like he did in his glory days. And then one night he receives a message from a mysterious lady named Mirage saying she is from a top secret section of the government and that there is a currently threat to one of their facilities that requires his special skills to handle.

Of course he takes the job, but without telling his wife. One action-sequence later and the giant robot is successfully dispatched by Mr. Incredible. It feels good to be back in the hero biz, which quickly shows in his day-to-day life, but eventually Elastigirl begins to grow suspicious, the lies begin to break down, and before long the entire family finds themselves in a world of trouble. The family dynamic here, although everyone has superpowers, still feels very realistic and relatable. You really feel for these characters, all of them, but especially Mr. Incredible as a middle-age man trying to reclaim his glory days and Elastigirl as a mother just trying to keep her family together and under the radar.

This is a great movie for both children and adults, as it's well paced, really runs through the emotional gauntlet, but never gets too scary like a few children's films I know. It's a fun film that's definitely worth owning. And there's a bonus feature on the DVD that shows what happens with the baby Jack-Jack while he's being babysat which is just as entertaining as the movie and definitely worth watching. The other bonus short on the DVD isn't bad either, but really can't compare with the Jack-Jack one.

  • Disc 1 - Blu-ray Feature Film & Bonus
    • Exclusive Bonus
      • The Incredibles Revisited: Filmmaker Roundtable
      • Jack-Jack Attack Exploded
      • Boundin' Short Film
      • Jack-Jack Attack Short Film
    • And More!
  • Disc 2 - Blu-ray Bonus:
    • Interactive! "The New Nomanisan" Island Redevelopment Plan - A Guided Tour Of The Vacation Island Paradise
    • Paths To Pixar: Story Artist
    • Studio Stories: Gary's Birthday
    • And More!
  • Disc 3 - DVD Feature Film & Bonus
    • Boundin' Short Film - A short that's a little under 5 minutes and has nothing to do with The Incredibles but is kinda cute.
    • Jack-Jack Attack Short Film - Another short that's just under 5 minutes, but this one focuses on the babysitter babysitting the baby Jack-Jack from The Incredibles and I liked it way better than the previous short.
  • Disc 4 - Digital Copy of Feature Film
    • Watch it anytime, anywhere on your computer and portable devices

Film Clip- Where's My Super Suit?

Film Clip- Violet's Forcefield

Bonus Clip- Put It In Context

Bonus Clip- Studio Stories: Gary's Birthday

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