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DVD Review: Regular Show: Fright Pack

Regular Show: Fright Pack is a compilation DVD featuring sixteen horror-themed episodes spanning four seasons of the show, though most episodes are taken from seasons two and three. If you're unfamiliar with the show, please see my review of Regular Show: Season 1 & Season 2. And for those that don't want to be bothered with reading that, I'll give a super quick overview...

Regular Show is a bizarre series featuring two slacker best friends who work at a park and have really off-the-wall situations happen to them. The episodes usually start off normally enough with some situation that we can usually relate to, but then quickly devolves into some outlandish impossible adventure. The episodes are about 11 minutes long which is the perfect length.

Included in this release are the two 2-part episodes Terror Tales of the Park and Terror Tales of the Park II where the characters tell each other scary Halloween stories, and what's cool about those stories is that they aren't just rehashes of popular scary stories or parody episodes like The Simpsons' Halloween Specials usually do. They are original stories that are just as bizarre as the regular episodes but last twice as long.

The entire first two seasons of Regular Show have already been released on DVD and Blu-ray, and with episodes still airing on Cartoon Network is it really worth picking up a compilation episode? Well, the episodes are hilarious and definitely worth watching, and you do get over two hours on this DVD release, but it retails for $19.82 which seems like a bit much, especially since there are no real extra features, just a Villains Gallery. If it was more around the $10 mark then I'd say yeah.

  1. Terror Tales of the Park (season 3, episode 4)
    • In the Hous
    • Death Metal Crash Pit
    • Creepy Doll
  2. Terror Tales of the Park II (season 4, episode 3)
    • Payback
    • Party Bus
    • Wallpaper Man
    Regular Show: Fright Pack
  3. Dead at Eight (season 3, episode 27)
  4. Jinx (season 2, episode 16)
  5. Grave Sights (season 2, episode 19)
  6. Ello Gov'nor (season 2, episode 1)
  7. Death Bear (season 3, episode 36)
  8. Skunked (season 2, episode 27)
  9. See You There (season 2, episode 17)
  10. Meat Your Maker (season 1, episode 6)
  11. The Best VHS in the World (season 2, episode 34)
  12. Dizzy (season 2, episode 5)
  13. Last Meal (season 4, episode 34)
  14. Skips' Stress (season 4, episode 25)
  15. Special Feature: Villains Gallery

Death Bear


Last Meal

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