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Rune SoldierMahou Senshi Louie ("Rune Soldier Louie")Rune Soldier
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Rune Soldier Louie
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Louie: The Rune Soldier (alternate wording)
24 TV Episodes24 TV Episodes
April 8, 2003April 3, 2001–Sept 18, 2001
Ryo Mizuno
Yoshitaka Koyama
Adventure, Comedy, FantasyAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Anna βŠ• Anna βŠ•
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Barb βŠ• Barb βŠ•
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Carwes βŠ• Carwes βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Rune Soldier

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Anna βŠ• Anna βŠ• Jackinson βŠ• Jackinson βŠ•
Barb βŠ• Barb βŠ• Jenny βŠ• Jenny βŠ•
Carwes βŠ• Carwes βŠ• Lily βŠ• Lily βŠ•
Celecia βŠ• Celecia βŠ• Louie βŠ• Louie βŠ•
Eyra βŠ• Eyra βŠ• Melissa βŠ• Melissa βŠ•
Gannet βŠ• Ganette βŠ• Merrill βŠ• Milleru βŠ•
Genie βŠ• Gyenie βŠ• Renard βŠ• Renard βŠ•
Ila βŠ• Ila βŠ• Silf βŠ• Silf βŠ•
Isabel βŠ• Isabel βŠ• William Wilder βŠ• --?--

Description: Rune Soldier

Three female warriors are looking for a Magician as an ally to round out their dungeon adventure party. The female team is comprised of the strong Amazon-warrior Genie, the thief Merrill, and the cleric Melissa. However, the only person who can possibly be of help is a clumsy student named Louie.

Safe to say, Louie is far from what they were looking for in a dungeon companion. Louie spends most of his time dodging his studies, getting drunk at bars, and constantly hitting on the ladies. And he enjoys fighting more with his fists than with magic. Much to their dismay, the female warriors have him join as the final member of the group.

Louie's ineptitude gets them into a lot of tight situations, however none of them would seem quite as bad as they unravel a sinister plot within the Kingdom. Will Louie and the girls stand up to the challenge without strangling Louie in the process?

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