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Ruby RoseRuby Rose (RWBY)
15 years old15 years old
Black with red highlightsBlack with red highlights
Leader of Team RWBY, huntress-in-training, student of Beacon AcademyLeader of Team RWBY, huntress-in-training, student of Beacon Academy
"As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books. Someone who fought for what was right and protected people who couldn't protect themselves!"
Lindsey Jones (credited as Lindsey Tuggley)Saori Hayami (早見 沙織)
"Red Trailer""Red Trailer"

Character Description: Ruby Rose

For as long as she could remember, Ruby Rose wanted to be a huntress. Mostly inspired by the exploits of her uncle Qrow, and the stories read to her by her older half-sister Yang, Ruby got to work perfecting her craft, all with a sincere wish to make the planet Remnant a better place to live by ridding it from the threat of the malevolent creatures known as Grimm that stalked Remnant. And at the fourteenth year of her life, she finally got her wish.

It was while attending Signal Academy that Ruby had stopped at a Dust store, skimming through the weapons magazines that it happened. Roman Torchwick, a wanted criminal who would later align himself with the Faunus terrorist group White Fang, chose that store to rob of Dust. One of his thugs tried to hold-up Ruby – and promptly was clobbered by the girl. Ruby then chased the crooks out and nearly captured Torchwick, but he threw a power crystal he robbed towards her and was detonated by his accomplice Cinder Fall, who was concealed in the shadows of his escape craft. It might have ended badly for Ruby if not for the intervention of Glynda Goodwitch, a huntress and instructor for Beacon Academy, who fought off Cinder as Roman made his escape. Afterward, though, she was questioned by Glynda and Professor Ozpin, the head of Beacon Academy and was surprised that it was one of the instructors at Signal Academy had schooled her in the manner of using a scythe weapon – her uncle Qrow, as well as her silver eyes. Thoroughly impressed at her skills and resolve of will, Ozpin had Ruby fast-tracked to Beacon Academy, joining her half-sister Yang.

Ruby's Semblance (powers) is speed, and whenever she uses it, a cloud of rose petals appears in her wake. In fact, she is so fast, it's almost as if she's teleporting, all without showing any signs of fatigue no matter how often she uses it. However, Ruby is not in total control of her Semblance, possibly because of her inexperience. Her personal weapon, Crescent Rose (a combination scythe-high powered rifle), was personally designed and built by Ruby. The weapon uses two types of ammunition, unmarked and Cross Clips. The normal unmarked bullets have a white muzzle flash, while the more powerful Cross Clips have a black flash. She is partnered with Weiss.

Ruby's late mother, Summer Rose, was a well-accomplished huntress in her own right, and was partnered with her uncle Qrow, her father Taiyang Xiao Long, and Yang's mother. Ruby still visits her grave regularly. Ruby still remembers the cookies Summer used to bake.

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