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Anime Profile: The Story of Saiunkoku

USA Info
Japanese Info
The Story of SaiunkokuSaiunkoku Monogatari ("Tale of the Land of Many-Coloured Clouds") (彩雲国物θͺž)The Story of Saiunkoku
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Tale of SaiunkokuTale of the Land of Many-Coloured Clouds
41+ episodes (currently ongoing)
Oct 21, 2008April 8, 2006–Feb 24, 2007 (1st season)
Geneon Entertainment (original licensor), FUNimation (new licensor)Madhouse Studios
Sai Yukino
Jun Shishido
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, RomanceComedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Eigetsu To/Yougetsu βŠ• To Eigetsu/Yougetsu βŠ•
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Enjun Sa βŠ• Sa Enjun βŠ•
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Characters: The Story of Saiunkoku

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Eigetsu To/Yougetsu βŠ• To Eigetsu/Yougetsu βŠ• Ryuuren Ran βŠ• Ran Ryuuren βŠ•
Enjun Sa βŠ• Sa Enjun βŠ• Seiran Shi βŠ• Shi Seiran βŠ•
Ensei Rou βŠ• Rou Ensei βŠ• Shouka Kou βŠ• Kou Shouka βŠ•
Kijin Kou βŠ• Kou Kijin βŠ• Shoukun Hyou βŠ• Hyou Shoukun βŠ•
Kourin βŠ• Kourin βŠ• Shourin βŠ• Shourin βŠ•
Kouyuu Ri βŠ• Ri Kouyuu βŠ• Shusui βŠ• Shusui βŠ•
Kurou Kou βŠ• Kou Kou βŠ• Shusui βŠ• Shusui βŠ•
Reishin Kou βŠ• Kou Reishin βŠ• Shuuei Ran βŠ• Ran Shuuei βŠ•
Ryuuki Shi βŠ• Shi Ryuuki βŠ• Shuurei Kou βŠ• Kou Shuurei βŠ•

Description: The Story of Saiunkoku

Saiunkoku Monogatari is about Shi Ryuuki and Kou Shuurei. Shuurei was selected to be the temporary empress of the emperor Ryuuki. Ryuuki acts like a dumb emperor for him to find an empress, until Shuurei comes and teaches Ryuuki everything she knows about leading a country.

Then came the episode where she found out that Ryuuki was only playing dumb with her. If I'm not mistaken, it was when Shuurei is about to drink a glass of wine with poison in it.

After discovering this, Shuurei decides to go back to her home, together with Seiran who is actually Ryuuki's brother. There is also a love triangle here, Ryuuki loves Shuurei and Shuurei loves Seiran.

In the end, who will Shuurei actually choose? Ryuuki or Seiran? Just watch it.

Description: The Story of Saiunkoku

Saiunkoku Monogatari takes place in an empire called Saiunkoku, and is about Shuurei Kou, a young girl who is from one of the two most powerful clans in Saiunkoku. She becomes the consort of Saiunkoku's emperor in order to help her family.

The anime follows her adventures at the palace and around the province and how she changes and makes effects on people's lives.

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