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USA Info
Japanese Info
Fuyuki HinataFuyuki HinataFuyuki Hinata (Sgt. Frog)
11 years old11 years old
Dark BlueDark Blue
5'1"154 cm
94.8 lbs43 kg
Type AType A
Natsumi's younger brotherNatsumi's younger brother
Leath ClarkTomoko Kawakami , Hoko Kuwashima (Episode 232)
Episode 1Episode 1
Sgt. FrogKeroro Gunso

Character Description: Fuyuki Hinata

One of Fuyuki's most recognizable traits is that what he lacks in physical stamina, he fills with a gentle, kind heart and an amazingly excessive ability to forgive. He is the opposite of his sister Natsumi in many ways. First of all, their personalities vary widely, since Natsumi tends to be very outgoing and quick-tempered as well as strongly athletic, whereas Fuyuki is much more calmer and reserved, and tries to avoid fighting and physical education as much as he can, but does unleash a full body of bottled anger that even frightens Natsumi when he is uncharacteristically furious. Also, their names and tradition while Natsumi's means "summer beauty" and has red as her symbolic color. Fuyuki is an obsessed expert of the paranormal and science fiction, and for unknown reasons, he tends to encounter many of the bizarre creatures that he knows whenever at an episode that centers around him, most of them being quite epic. His appearance reflects that of a normal Japanese boy; black hair, dark violet eyes, and an average figure.

Fuyuki has a close bond with Keroro that exceeds space, even though Keroro is completely destroy Earth, saying that if the Earth is blown away, so will all the Gunpla factories, as Gundam model-making is one of the sergeant's uses Fuyuki as bait to attract aliens, or "dark" or "cursed ones", as she and her father calls them. Although any other person would've absolutely hated this position, Fuyuki forgives Alisa about this, since Alisa was actually a puppet and her father thought that by hunting aliens, she would eventually gain humanity.

Despite his unearthly patience with the insanity that seems to flower in the wake of Keroro and the others, Fuyuki does have a temper. When his temper is up, which admittedly takes a lot, Fuyuki is capable of terrorizing not only Keroro and the platoon but his sister and regular people as well. When enraged, Fuyuki's face is never shown, just the reactions of the people (and frogs) around him for comedic effect. His first appearance of anger is shown in episode 23 at the end of the episode.

While not known for his sports, Fuyuki is an amazing bowler, that even Natsumi admit that she can't beat him. He also drew the Rain Monster since childhood so the sports will be always canceled when it rains. But he let it go instead.

Fuyuki's seiyū, Tomoko Kawakami, also voices various paranormal creatures.

However, sometimes, Fuyuki can be quite irritating by being oblivious to the feelings of others such as Momoka and Keroro, and does actions which could possibly irritate them even more.

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