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Anime Profile: Shana of the Burning Eyes

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shana of the Burning EyesShakugan no Shana ("Shana of the Burning Eyes") (็ผ็œผใฎใ‚ทใƒฃใƒŠ)Shana of the Burning Eyes
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Shana of the Burning Eyes
24 TV Episodes, 1 Movie, 1 OVA
September 5, 2006Sept 16, 2005โ€“March 22, 2006
Geneon/The Ocean Group (original licensor), FUNimation (new licensor)JC Staff/Media Works/Shakugan no Shana Production Committee
Yashichiro Takahashi
Takashi Watanabe
Action, Adventure, Drama, Paranormal, RomanceAction, Adventure, Drama, Paranormal, Romance
Shana/Flame HazeShana/Flame Haze
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Aizenji โŠ• Aizenji โŠ•
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Aizenta โŠ• Aizenta โŠ•
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Alastor/Tenjou no Gouka โŠ• Alastor/Tenjou no Gouka โŠ•
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Characters: Shana of the Burning Eyes

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Shana/Flame Haze Shana/Flame Haze Margery Daw โŠ• Margery Daw โŠ•
Aizenji โŠ• Aizenji โŠ• Marianne โŠ• Marianne โŠ•
Aizenta โŠ• Aizenta โŠ• Matake Ogata โŠ• Matake Ogata โŠ•
Alastor/Tenjou no Gouka โŠ• Alastor/Tenjou no Gouka โŠ• Orgon โŠ• Orgon โŠ•
Behemoth โŠ• Behemoth โŠ• Pheles โŠ• Pheles โŠ•
Bel Peol โŠ• Bel Peol โŠ• Ryuugan โŠ• Ryuugan โŠ•
Chigusa Sakai โŠ• Chigusa Sakai โŠ• Saihyou โŠ• Saihyou โŠ•
Dantalion โŠ• Dantalion โŠ• Saydonay โŠ• Saydonay โŠ•
Eita Tanaka โŠ• Eita Tanaka โŠ• Senpen โŠ• Senpen โŠ•
Friagne โŠ• Friagne โŠ• Senseirei โŠ• Senseirei โŠ•
Gyakuri no Saisha โŠ• Gyakuri no Saisha โŠ• Shikabane Hiroi โŠ• Shikabane Hiroi โŠ•
Hayato Ike โŠ• Hayato Ike โŠ• Sorath โŠ• Sorath โŠ•
Hecate โŠ• Hecate โŠ• Tantankyuukyuu โŠ• Tantankyuukyuu โŠ•
Itadaki no Kura โŠ• Itadaki no Kura โŠ• Tayrael โŠ• Tayrael โŠ•
Kamsin Nbh'w โŠ• Kamsin Nbh'w โŠ• Tenmoku Ikko โŠ• Tenmoku Ikko โŠ•
Kantarou Sakai โŠ• Kantarou Sakai โŠ• Tiamat โŠ• Tiamat โŠ•
Kariuto โŠ• Kariuto โŠ• Vine โŠ• Vine โŠ•
Kasumi Yoshida โŠ• Kasumi Yoshida โŠ• Wilhelmina Carmel โŠ• Wilhelmina Carmel โŠ•
Keisaku Satou โŠ• Keisaku Satou โŠ• Yuji Sakai โŠ• Yuji Sakai โŠ•
Lamies โŠ• Lamies โŠ• Yukari Hikai โŠ• Yukari Hikai โŠ•
Marchosias โŠ• Marchosias โŠ•

Description: Shana of the Burning Eyes

Sakai Yuji' normal days that were thought to last forever suddenly ended by the encounter with a girl with red hair and red eyes. He named her Shana.

Not long after he had entered the high school, Sakai Yuji's normal days finished. He saw a strange view on his way home; people were frozen in the fire, and a monster that looked liked a large doll assaulted them. When he was about to be killed, a girl in a black cloth holding a large sword appeared, and cut the monster in half. Although Yuji pulled though the crisis, the girl informed him of a hopeless fact.

"You don't 'exist' anymore"

She called herself Flame Haze who hunted "Kuze no Tomogara", intruders from another world. She explained him that he was a "torch", a substitute of Yuji whose "existence" had already been eaten. She also told him that he was a special torch, "Mystis", which had a precious item in it. When he looked at his chest, he saw a faint flame as she said.

In this way, his eternal fight with the girl began.

Shana, also called flame-haired burning-eyed hunter, is the main character and a flame haze, that hunts for "Rinne" and the "Denizens of the Crimson Realm". She met a boy named Yuji Sakai who she sees as a torch only. A torch is a replacement entity for a human. Yuji is also a Mystes, a kind of torch who's special. He or she who posses it contains a treasure tool called Hougo. It allows Yuji to not vanish like the other torch. Shana protects Yuji from the Denizens who tried to get the Hougo inside him to disrupt the whole world. Yuji trains to be strong and able to fight with her. In every fight they win because of cooperation. About their love life, Shana has a crush on Yuji but Yuji has a crush on Kazumi. Also Kazumi has a crush on Yuji and tells Shana about it and tells her she will not let her love be loss for Yuji.

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