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Japanese Info
OlonaOlona (オロナ)Olona (Shaman King)
Orona (alternate spelling)Orona (alternate spelling)
Amazon shamanAmazon shaman
63 years old (at death)63 years old (at death)
Type OType O
"laughter is a wind"
Episode 38 (anime), Chapter 116 (manga)Episode 38 (anime), Chapter 116 (manga)
Shaman KingShaman King

Character Description: Olona

Born November 7, 1935, he was originally an Amazonian shaman from South America in a small village until the young people were seduced by the modern world and it made tribes disappear. He became a traveling comedian in New York City, and he met Joco. He first messed with him with a blood bag for a gag. Joco does try to kill him with a gun, but he missed. Joco in the manga is an orphan because his parents got killed on Christmas, and he later joined a gang. He asked Joco "What good does killing do? Has killing ever made you feel better, evan once? Your a sad child who's forgotten how to laugh." He does have to resort to violence by using Mic. He also says that it would take a long time before he can save the world with laughter. Joco thought that it was the funniest thing he ever heard, and Joco did ask him how he did it, what kind of animal it is. Olona was surprised that he could see Mic, and his response was "Ho Ho! I've found him at last, Mic! This boy will be my successor!"

He trains Joco on being a shaman for six months on the riverbanks close to the Brooklyn Bridge. Joco said that his jokes weren't funny. Some of his jokes and gags can be seen on One Manga.

In the anime, he dies of old age, while in the manga, Joco's old gang beat him up and shot a gun at him. Before he died he wanted to pass his knowledge to someone for the sake of his lost tribe. He tells Joco:

For Amazonian shamans, the jaguar is the most powerful and noble beast. It can clime taller trees and swim deeper rivers than any man. Like the shaman, it sees all and knows the truth. Your laughter blew the rage from your soul. That enabled you to see Mic. You can do it. Be one with Mic's spirit. Become the noble jaguar. YOU ARE THE JAGUAR! Save the world with the winds of laughter. That is your mission.

When Joco gets in the chest and is sent to hell, he followed Joco to hell. He explains that he is still on earth, and that it is and isn't hell. He explains that it is confusing, and he asks Joco where did you suppose hell would be? He also said that they are inside the great spirit. He takes Joco to meet a great and mighty soul. He notices that Joco wants to atone for the sins that he did, and that somewhere in his heart, he wants to be punished so that Joco can have peace. He also tells Joco that he has good friends, and that his body is about to be revived. He says "You must be granted permission to leave the place by non other than your own heart. This is a trial. Acknowledge your guilt and grow stronger. Joco, you must drag yourself to Olmeca, the great Indio soul!!"

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