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? TV episodes (on DVD)? TV episodes
March 29, 2005
Tatsuo Sato
Hajime Murata βŠ• Hajime Murata βŠ•
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Kyoichi Moriguchi βŠ• Kyoichi Moriguchi βŠ•
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Muryou Subaru βŠ• Muryou Subaru βŠ•

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Shingu

It is the year 2070. A giant alien device appears over Tokyo. A giant warrior then appears, destroys the device, and vanishes into thin air. Crowds of people looked on as this one-of-a-kind event took place above the city. Then, when it was all over, they all went back to their daily routines, almost as if this miraculous event was common place. Sure, there was talk about it, speculation and the such, but there wasn't anyone who seemed to be freaked out by it, including second year middle school student Hajime Murata.

Then a mysterious transfer student shows up a Hajime's school. His name is Muryou Subara, he wears an ancient school uniform, and he has Psycho-kinetic powers, as class representative Hajime soon finds out when he gets into the middle of telekinetic dual between Hajime and student council vice president Kyoichi Moriguchi on the roof of the school. Now, you'd think Hajime would by freaked out by seeing Kyoichi and Muryou throwing psychic powers around, but instead Hajime just takes it in stride and wants to learn more about it.

Even more strange things start to happen. Weird people showing up in his room at night, popping out of bathroom stalls, more alien devices descending on the city, and something about intergalactic federation and shipping routes... Good thing Hajime is such a mellow guy!

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