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Anime Profile: Sinners Paradise: Genesis

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sinners Paradise: GenesisShitsurakuen, Episode 1 (ε€±ζ₯½εœ’) ("Paradise Lost")Sinners Paradise: Genesis
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Paradise Lost
1 OVA episode1 OVA episode
April 28, 2009
Critical MassBlack Rainbow, Digital Works
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Sinners Paradise: RevelationsShitsurakuen, Episode 2
· · ·
Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
Akiko βŠ• Akiko βŠ•
· · ·
Erika βŠ• Erika βŠ•
· · ·
Miss Shimizu βŠ• Miss Shimizu βŠ•
· · ·
Mizoguchi βŠ• Mizoguchi βŠ•

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Sinners Paradise: Genesis

Sinners Paradise: Genesis is the first of the two-episode Sinners Paradise anime, the second being Sinners Paradise: Revelations. Both episodes are about a half hour in length, and yet for some reason (greed!) they are split up into completely separate DVD releases. Both episodes would easily fit onto a single DVD... a single, single-layer DVD, so splitting them up and charging $20 each is just criminal. Oh, and I hope you know beforehand which one of these volumes is episode one and which is episode two, because they sure don't tell you anywhere on the DVD packaging. I guess they expect you to be psychic or something.

Then again, on the other hand, maybe they're trying to tell us that it doesn't matter which one we watch first because the story doesn't make much sense anyway. I've watched each one twice, in proper order, and I still don't really fully understand what's going on. The story starts at a school where a couple of school girls, brown-haired Akiko Akiko and blue-haired Erika, are taking a break from running track. Then their instructor comes by, and the girls say something about how big her breasts are, and then they all see something in the sky.

Sinners Paradise: Genesis After a big flash of light, Erika awakes on a cot in a windowless, stone room. Then two men dressed in military uniforms enter and say "welcome to our country"... alright, so the three women were transported to another country where luckily the people speak the same language. Well that's good at least. So the two men gag Erika and walk her down the hall where they pass by a room with an open door. Inside, Erika sees Akino being forcibly serviced by four other military guys. They continue on to another room where Erika's hands are bound to a chain hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room, most of her clothes are removed, and she's told "this is revenge". So she's just as confused as we are.

Sinners Paradise: Genesis Next, her blindfolded instructor is brought in, and Erika is made to watch while they strip her and use her for their pleasure... though she seems to be enjoying it as well. It's not until they remove her blindfold and she sees her student watching her that she asks them to stop. Of course, that doesn't slow them down and the least, nor does it seem to stop her from enjoying it as Erika looks on with a face bright red from embarrassment. All the while, the guy keeps talking to Erika like she's supposed to understand what's going on, and talking about how there's a beast inside her.

Sinners Paradise: Genesis Next, we find her completely nude strapped to a table with the guy urging her to confess on join them. I'd like to take a moment here to point out that Erika has tan lines, which you really don't see all that often in hentai. And it's not a bikini tan line, as her skin tone is lighter in the areas that are usually covered by her track suit. Blah blah blah, I'm sure you can guess the basics of what happens next. After that's over, Erika has a flashback to a track race that she one and a romantic moment with her boyfriend.

Sinners Paradise: Genesis Okay, so here's where it really starts getting weird... back in her cell, she starts to hear a voice in her head that helps her to knockout one of guards who is currently preoccupied between her thighs. She then sees a monster who tore the other guards to pieces, and he helps her to escape. She passes out during the attempt, and after a very short dream about her and her brother when they were little kids, she awakes in a room, lying on a bed completely naked. A moment later, a guy enters who has the same bright red hair color as the monster that saved her.

Another sex scene ensues, though I'm sure you probably wouldn't have guessed it involves a tentacle monster! Anyway, afterwards storm clouds form in a circle in the sky above and lighting and thunder begin to rock the night... and then it's on to the next episode, Sinners Paradise: Revelations! So, everybody understand what's going on so far? If so, could you explain it to me?

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