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Anime Profile: Sinners Paradise: Revelations

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sinners Paradise: RevelationsShitsurakuen, Episode 2 (ε€±ζ₯½εœ’)Sinners Paradise: Revelations
1 OVA episode1 OVA episode
April 28, 2009
Critical MassBlack Rainbow, Digital Works
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Sinners Paradise: GenesisShitsurakuen, Episode 1
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Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
Akiko βŠ• Akiko βŠ•
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Erika βŠ• Erika βŠ•
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Falcal βŠ• Falcal βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Sinners Paradise: Revelations

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akiko βŠ• Akiko βŠ• Kaiya βŠ• Kaiya βŠ•
Erika βŠ• Erika βŠ• Miss Shimizu βŠ• Miss Shimizu βŠ•
Falcal βŠ• Falcal βŠ• Mizoguchi βŠ• Mizoguchi βŠ•

Description: Sinners Paradise: Revelations

Sinners Paradise: Revelations is the second of the two-episode Sinners Paradise anime, the first being Sinners Paradise: Genesis. Both episodes are about a half hour in length, and yet for some reason (greed!) they are split up into completely separate DVD releases. Both episodes would easily fit onto a single DVD... a single, single-layer DVD, so splitting them up and charging $20 each is just criminal. Oh, and I hope you know beforehand which one of these volumes is episode one and which is episode two, because they sure don't tell you anywhere on the DVD packaging. I guess they expect you to be psychic or something.

Then again, on the other hand, maybe they're trying to tell us that it doesn't matter which one we watch first because the story doesn't make much sense anyway. I've watched each one twice, in proper order, and I still don't really fully understand what's going on. The first episode took two school girls and their teacher and warped them into some kind of enclosed military base on another country that may or may not be on another planet or in another dimension where they were given a drug to make them really want sex while one escaped with the help of a mysterious monster who turned into a human and then back into a monster to use his tentacles for her pleasure, and then I think her ecstasy caused a giant circular storm over her location.

Sinners Paradise: Revelations Now, part two starts off with the other school girl, brown-haired Akiko, Erika's friend who only appeared briefly in the first episode. She appears to be having a flashback about her having sex with the guy that Erika liked, even though she had no feelings for him one way or the other. There's a bit more in the flashback about how her big breasts and rear are making it more difficult for her to run track, but after that we return to her present, where she is in a windowless stone room being "pleasured" by a bunch of military guys. I put "pleasured" in quotes because she is neither enjoying it nor disliking it. Basically, it's just boring her.

Sinners Paradise: Revelations After a quick flashback (or dream), we find ourselves back once again with Erika. She awakes from a nightmare to find herself in bed, completely naked, while some purple-haired girl named Kaiya is in the room doing something or another. She then meets the rest of the household, an old geezer named Falcal and the red-haired human-monster guy from the first episode. They tell her something about a gate that might have appeared because she came into this world... but they don't get any more specific than that. So we're basically still left wondering what the heck is going on.

Sinners Paradise: Revelations Back with Akiko in the stone room, a military dude comes in, a very brief conversation occurs, and then Akiko suddenly fades into nothingness... and neither of them seem surprised by it in the least. Then the military dude visits the house that Erika is at, and takes her. Shortly afterwards we get another cryptic clue, Falcal says "we are the descendants of the banished ones"... but since we have no idea who the banished ones are, it hardly helps us to make sense of anything. Another flashback happens, this time of Erika saving the life of a very young Kaiya who is playing on the train tracks as a train comes barrelling right towards her.

I won't take you all the way to the end of the episode, but trust me, it gets even stranger. Some of the sex scenes are decent, and it's not often you see one in anime where the woman is bored by it, but the story here is just too mystifying for me.

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