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Anime Profile: Sol-Bianca: The Legacy

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sol-Bianca: The LegacySol-Bianca: The Legacy (太陽の船 ソルビアンカ) ("Ship Of The Sun: The Legacy")Sol-Bianca: The Legacy
· · ·
Ship Of The Sun: The Legacy
6 OVA Episodes6 OVA Episodes
Sept 24, 1999–May 25, 2000
Geneon/Animaze/ZRO Limit ProductionsAIC/Pioneer Ent./Pioneer LDC
Hiroyuki Ochi
Action, Sci-FiAction, Sci-Fi
April Bikirk April Bikirk
· · ·
Feb Fall Feb Fall
· · ·
Gyunter Gyunter
· · ·
Janny Mann Janny Mann
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Sol-Bianca: The Legacy

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
April Bikirk April Bikirk May Jessica May Jessica
Feb Fall Feb Fall Mayo Mayo
Gyunter Gyunter Percy Percy
Janny Mann Janny Mann Rammy Rammy
June Ashel June Ashel Sancho Sancho

Description: Sol-Bianca: The Legacy

The crew of the Sol-Bianca return in this continuation/update of the 1990 Science fiction anime. Earth has been lost territory to most of humanity living out in space, and a select group known as the Earthians have a religious belief that the planet is sacred ground.

The mother planet has finally been found, and the Earthians plot to ultimately oppress the planet and plunder it of all its treasures. As they make the latest plunder, they eventually wind up in a battle to save the Earth from this enemy, and end up fighting for their lives.

What became of Earth in between the time spent as a lost and almost forgotten planet? And will they save the world and survive to make the next score?

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