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TaikoubouTaikoubouTaikoubou (Soul Hunter)
72 years72 years
5'9"About 175 cm
Super humanSuper human
Soul HunterHoushin Engi

Character Description: Taikoubou

Taikoubou is the main character of the Soul Hunter. He is actually a human before being a doushi (a supernatural human with magical powers). He is a kind-hearted person who believes one can negotiate rather than going into battle. His status in Konron Mountain is the same as the 12 Sennins (higher ranking supernatural human with magical powers), but he is not one of the 12 because he's too lazy to study.

Apart from his cuteness and boyish looks, Taikoubou is already 72 years old!! He was given a mission by Genshitenson to 'houshin' the monsters in human world for the sake of man kind. And the leader of those 'youkai' is Dakki. At first he refused to take up the project, but after a while he began his mission.

Taikoubou has a very sad past. His village was attacked by In's troops, and only he and a few friends managed to escape. They crossed the river to avoid being captured, but Taikoubou stayed to guard and told his friends to runaway first. Later, the soldiers came and a strong water current washed them all away. When Taikoubou woke up, he was injured, listening to a person's voice (Genshitenson). Genshitenson told Taikoubou that if he becomes a sennin, he'll be able to revenge for his family's death.

In Sennin Kai, Taikoubou befriends with Fuugen. They are best friends and often get together (Miaka's yaoi mind again). One day, they stole a yellow scarf robot and flew to Ningen Kai. They went to go fishing, and that's when the famous "fishing story" came in.

Taikoubou's weapon is a powerful radio antenna like rod called "Dashinben" which is given to him by Genshitenson before he began the Houshin Project. It enables him to attack and defend/block damage.

Basically, Taikoubou is kind, smart, and has 'quick intelligence'. He is always willing to sacrifice himself to save his friends or the safety of mankind. Together with his friends and reijyu (spiritual creature), Suupuushan, he carries the Houshin Project.

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