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Anime Profile: Space Runaway Ideon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Space Runaway Ideon Densetsu Kyojin Ideon("Legendary Giant God Ideon")(伝説巨神イデオン) Space Runaway Ideon
· · ·
  Legendary Giant God Ideon
39 TV Episodes, 2 Movies(A Contact and Be Invoked) 39 TV Episodes, 2 Movies(A Contact and Be Invoked)
  May 8, 1980–Jan 30, 1981
  Yoshiyuki Tomino
  Yoshiyuki Tomino
Drama, Mecha Drama, Mecha
  Bento Marusu
· · ·
  Bes Jordan
· · ·
  Cosmo Yuki
· · ·
  Doctor Yuuki Rouru
· · ·
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Characters: Space Runaway Ideon

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
--?-- Bento Marusu --?-- Karara
--?-- Bes Jordan --?-- Kasha Imhof
--?-- Cosmo Yuki --?-- Kiyaya Bufu
--?-- Doctor Yuuki Rouru --?-- Kulara Kina
--?-- Fard --?-- Lotta
--?-- Gije Zaral --?-- Mayaya Rau
--?-- Gilbaba Gra --?-- Noburo
--?-- Gindoro Jinma --?-- Rin
--?-- Gurimade Abadede --?-- Rukuku Kil
--?-- Ide --?-- Sheryl Formossa

Anime Description: Space Runaway Ideon

Space Runaway Ideon begins in the year 2300, where mankind has ventured far into space and has advanced to the point where entire planets are finally colonized. An amazing discovery is made on the Planet Solo. Three vehicles are discovered, each having the ability to combine and transform into a powerful godlike robot known as the Ideon. A giant spaceship is also discovered.

Six months pass and restoration on the machines begin. But the vehicles fail to operate, until they receive help from an alien civilization known as the Buff Clan. Karara, the Princess of the Buff Clan, joins the colonists against the orders of her superiors. This leads to a misunderstanding between the Buff and the colonists.

Cosmo Yuki is the first person to finally operate the Ideon, and fends off the Buff assault. A war soon begins between the colonists and the Buff, who constantly pursue the Ideon and its mysterious power source. Cosmo stays as the Ideon's pilot, and discovers the terrifying power the Ideon wields. However, the battle takes a horrible toll on the crew, and the outcome of this hopeless battle may or may not end in even more bloodshed.

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