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Anime Profile: Steel Jeeg

USA Info
Japanese Info
Steel Jeeg Kotetsu Jeeg(鋼鉄ジーグ) Steel Jeeg
· · ·
Jeeg, Steel Robot  
46 TV episodes 46 TV episodes
Currently Unlicensed Toei Animation
  Go Nagai
  Masayuki Akechi
Action, Mecha Action, Mecha
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Anime Characters: Steel Jeeg

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Hiroshi Shiba Hiroshi Shiba Queen Himika Queen Himika
Panzeroid --?-- Steel Jeeg Kotetsu Jeeg
Professor Shiba Professor Shiba    

Anime Description: Steel Jeeg

Hiroshi Shiba was once a ordinary car racer who was almost killed in a laboratory accident, but was revived by his father, Professor Shiba, a scientist who was investigating mysterious objects from the ancient Jamatai kingdom. Shiba has discovered a bronze bell with mysterious powers. Many years later, Shiba is murdered by a lackey of Queen Himika, the ancient ruler of Jamatai. She starts using Haniwa (Terracotta Soldiers) hidden under the ground to invade modern Japan. But Hiroshi has a secret weapon, he can turn into the head of the mighty robot, Steel Jeeg! The bronze bell is also hidden in Hiroshi's chest. Only Jeeg and his robotic steed Panzeroid can destroy the Haniwa and put a stop to Himika's plans. Hiroshi must lead a double life, as Steel Jeeg is his secret identity. (Kinda like Clark Kent is Superman)

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