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Anime Profile: Strange Love

USA Info
Japanese Info
Strange LoveHen ("Strange")Strange Love
· · ·
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
January 28, 2003 (DVD)
U.S. Manga Corp.
Hiroya Oku
Comedy, Hentai, RomanceComedy, Hentai, Romance
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Chizuru YoshidaChizuru Yoshida
· · ·
Azumi Yamada βŠ• Azumi Yamada βŠ•
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Hiroyuki βŠ• Hiroyuki βŠ•
· · ·
Sushiaki Karasawa βŠ• Sushiaki Karasawa βŠ•

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Strange Love

Talented, busty and beautiful, Chizuru Yoshida thinks she has the world figured out. A part-time actress and model, she confidently handles the girls who want to be like her, and the lecherous teachers of her school who want to seduce her. Yes sir, Chizuru has the world figured out.

However, she soon finds out that the world can throw a few curve balls at her, as she suddenly finds herself falling in love... with a girl! How in the world can she explain THIS little problem to her rock star boyfriend?

Description: Strange Love

Strange Love If you're watching the US version, then Chizuru Yoshida is an extremely busty college student who moonlights as an actress/model. If you're watching the original Japanese version, then there's no doubt that Chizuru Yoshida is instead an extremely busty high-school student... because, as if you didn't know, in the US every high-school student is underage and none of them ever have sex. At any rate, in both versions she's extremely busty, and has an extremely bad attitude. She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, without regard for rules, regulations, or even people's feelings. Of course, you might do that too if your beauty and assets would let you get anything you wanted.

Strange Love Professor Sushiaki Karasawa sees this gorgeous young lady in a commercial on a store television while out walking one evening, and in a remarkable coincidence, he then immediately spies the same woman directly in front of him, walking down the same sidewalk and wearing the school uniform of the "college" that he works at... except that she had brown eyes, and the woman in the commercial had blue eyes. In an attempt to find out if these two women are actually the same person, he comes up with a plan to make her admit it... he waits until she is alone, grabbing a drink from a vending machine, then comes up behind her and says that he found one of her brown contact lenses.

Strange Love The plan works... well, sort of. It accomplishes his goal of finding out that the student is in fact the actress he saw in the commercial, but unlike the scene that played out in his overactive imagination, she is extremely rude to him and quickly dismisses him. Not what he was expecting at all, yet, despite her behavior toward him, his crush remains. Chizuru eventually uses this crush of his so that she may stay at his apartment one night. Of course, Sushiaki takes this to mean that she wants to sleep with him... boy, is in for a disappointing surprise! But on the bright side, he does get to see her naked thanks to a well-played game of rock-paper-scissors.

Strange Love Most of the comedy from that first episode comes in the form of Professor Sushiaki's active imagination. This completely changes in the next episode, where Professor Sushiaki rarely even shows up, if he does at all. In this episode, we learn that Chizuru has a rock star boyfriend named Hiroyuki, though their relationship seems to be on the rocks after Chizuru catches him with another woman. But then something strange happens... when a girl living in the same apartment complex as Hiroyuki stepped onto the same elevator that Hiroyuki and Chizuru were on, Chizuru immediately does a 180, going over to kiss Hiroyuki and asking if she can stay the night.

Strange Love The next morning, Chizuru discovers that the young woman from the elevator, Azumi Yamada, not only lives in the apartment right next to Hiroyuki, but that she goes to the same school as Chizuru. Now, Chizuru continues to act like her normal, rude self, but inside she begins to feel something... strange. She doesn't know what this feeling is at first, just that she is unable to get Azumi out of her head. When she finally realizes that she has a crush on Azumi, she is devastated. But how does that compare to what she feels when she eventually comes to terms with her feelings... only to find that Azumi is now completely ignoring her because of her previous poor behavior?

Strange Love Now Chizuru tries to do everything she can to become Azumi's friend, and seeing how kind and friendly of a girl Azumi is, this doesn't take too long. Of course, Azumi doesn't view Chizuru the same way Chizuru views her... so Chizuru's new obsessive behavior starts to creep Azumi out. And adding to this whole situation is Hiroyuki, who feels completely rejected when he discovers Chizuru's secret feelings for Azumi. So he decides to take matters into his own hands and prepares to seduce the young Azumi. Will he succeed in taking Azumi's innocence? When Chizuru realizes what his plan is, will she be able to stop his attempt in time? Well there's one way to find out for sure!

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