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Chizuru YoshidaChizuru YoshidaChizuru Yoshida (Strange Love)
18 years old18 years old
Blue (often disguised brown)Blue (often disguised brown)
Actress, model, studentActress, model, student
Sharon BecklerAtsuko Kichiya
Strange LoveHen (Strange)

Character Description: Chizuru Yoshida

Chizuru Yoshida had been living on her own for most of her life. To support herself, she has taken advantage of her natural beauty by becoming a part-time model and actress. However, since she is still attending high school... and the school's rules clearly state that students CANNOT have jobs outside of the classroom, she had disguised herself whenever she goes to school, wearing brown-colored contact lenses over her blue eyes.

Still, her busty figure has become the envy of many of her school's fellow female classmates... as well as some lecherous male teachers. However, she is very smart and assertive... almost to the point of being rude, and whenever unwanted advances are made on her, she lets them know about it! But she also uses these perverts attentions to get someplace to sleep whenever her rock star lover is out of town on concert tours, since she has no place of her own to live (look, but don't touch).

In matters of love, Chizuru can be rather cynical, almost cold. Normally, she doesn't allow herself to be carried away with her heart. But then, that was before she had met Ayumi Sakurai.

From the time she had met this young girl from the country, Chizuru found herself falling in love with her. At first conflicted with the thought that she might be a lesbian, Chizuru had made up her mind that this is the person where her future lies. She hasn't told Ayumi yet, and as far as Ayumi is concerned, Chizuru is a kind, if somewhat unusual friend who insists on holding hands with her on the way to school. But what will happen if Chizuru's boyfriend finds out about her infatuation with Ayumi?

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