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Anime Profile: Strawberry Eggs (I, My, Me)

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Strawberry Eggs (I, My, Me)I, My, Me! Strawberry Eggs (γ‚γƒγΎγƒγΏγƒοΌγ‚Ήγƒˆγƒ­γƒ™γƒͺー・エッグ)Strawberry Eggs (I, My, Me)
13 OVA episodes13 OVA episodes
2002July 4, 2001–Sept. 26, 2001
Pioneer Ent. [Anime Video]
Kobayashi Yasuko
Yuji Yamaguchi
Fuuko Kuzuha βŠ• Fuuko Kuzuha βŠ•
· · ·
Hibiki Amawa βŠ• Hibiki Amawa βŠ•
· · ·
Lulu βŠ• Lulu βŠ•

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Strawberry Eggs (I, My, Me)

Hibiki Amawa is a young man who recently graduated from college. He dreams of being a teacher and helping his students to succeed. Currently without a job, his landlord encourages him to apply for one at a nearby private school so that Hibiki can pay his rent. However, the school is run by a man-hating principal and she refuses to hire Hibiki-san based on his gender. But he does not give up. Hibiki enlists the help of his landlord and crossdresses in order to land the job. Hibiki-sensei now struggles with being a good teacher and keeping his true identity a secret from his students and the suspicious vice principal.

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