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Anime Profile: Strawberry Marshmallow

USA Info
Japanese Info
Strawberry MarshmallowIchigo Mashimaro (苺ましまろ)Strawberry Marshmallow
12 TV episodes, 3 OVA episodes
June 20, 2006 (DVD)July 14, 2005 – Oct 13, 2005 (TV), Feb 23, 2007 (OVA)
Ana Copolla βŠ• Ana Copolla βŠ•
· · ·
Chika Itou βŠ• Chika Itou βŠ•
· · ·
Matsuri βŠ• Matsuri βŠ•
· · ·
Miu Matsuoka βŠ• Miu Matsuoka βŠ•
· · ·
Nobue Itou βŠ• Nobue Itou βŠ•

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Strawberry Marshmallow

Chika and Miu are in sixth grade and their friend Matsuri is in fifth. Nobue, Chika's older sister, is 20 years old (16 in the manga) and smokes a lot. A new student comes to Matsuri's class, and her name is Ana. Ana pretends not to know Japanese and only speaks English. But when Matsuri hears Ana speaking Japanese and asks her why she can speak English, Ana tells Matsuri that she doesn't want to speak English. Matsuri and Ana go see Chika, Miu, and Nobue. But, Nobue is drunk and acts weird, leaving a not-so-good impression on Ana. Ichigo Mashimaro deals with problems faced by teens.

Chika loves to bake and is very good at it. She has a dog, Satake, and two goldfish, Richard and James. Miu is funny. She always acts weird and she's almost always in trouble. Matsuri is timed and completely lost when it comes to sports. She is often teased by others because of her white hair. She is very shy and crys very often. She loves John, her pet ferret, very much.

Ana is a sumo fan and can practice the Japanese culture better than her mother and father. She has a big white dog. She is trying to learn English again because Matsuri wants to be taught English. Nobue has a soft spot for cute things, and an addiction to nicotine. She often sayd she's going to quit smoking but she never does. When she's not smoking she is teasing the other girls (mostly Miu, but also Chika). Her and Miu are almost always fighting over something.

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