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AkumaGoukiAkuma (Street Fighter II- The Animated Movie)
5'8"178 cm
177 lbs80 kg
"Fade to nothingness! You weakness disgust me!"
Street Fighter II- The Animated MovieStreet Fighter II- The Animated Movie
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Street Fighter Alpha: The MovieStreet Fighter Zero

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Akuma

Akuma and his older brother Gouken are were both pupils of Goutetsu. Akuma trained with his brother, and Gouken's students, Ryu and Ken while growing up, but they were both better than he was. This made him feel weak, and he scorned himself because of it. He ran away one day, vowing to become the most powerful fighter ever.

In his travels, he came upon a scroll teaching the forbidden techniques of Shotokan Karate, or Dark Shotokan. At the heart of all this was one technique that was never to be used... the Shungokusatsu (Instant Hell Murder). He mastered all of these, and one day he finally executed the Shungokusatsu. When this was done, all of the evils that Akuma had committed, and the evils of the subject being attacked all came back and ravaged the subject all at once, ravaging their form into a mangled mess and ripping their soul from their body.

When he performed this the first time, the raging demons let forth from this attack coupled with the sheer evil that it generated was to be too much for any mortal to bear, and thus should have killed him in the process as well. But Akuma had gotten so strong that he survived, and instead it twisted him into a living Demon, called "God of the Fist".

Akuma then returned to his old place of residence, hoping to find both his brothers and his father, to take his revenge. But Ryu and Ken had left, and only Goutetsu remained. So Akuma let forth the Raging Demon and killed Goutetsu with a single Shungokusatsu (which is all it really takes to kill anything... period). Then he began roaming aimlessly in search of a challenge, and yet he hasn't found one.

The only time you will see Akuma in this movie is a non-speaking cameo. When Ryu goes to India, Akuma can be seen sitting beside a wall.

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