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Anime Profile: Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation

USA Info
Japanese Info
Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation Super Robot Wars OG - The Animation(スーパーロボット大戦OG) Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation
3 OVA episodes 3 OVA episodes
October 23, 2007 October 4, 2006
Bandai Visual USA Banpresto
  Bandai/Banpresto(based on the video game series)
  Jun Kawagoe
Action, Mecha Action, Mecha
Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars Super Robot Taisen OG ~Divine Wars~
Lune Zoldark Lune Zoldark
· · ·
Arado Balanga Arado Balanga
· · ·
Aya Kobayashi Aya Kobayashi
· · ·
Brooklyn 'Bullet' Luckfield Brooklyn 'Bullet' Luckfield
· · ·
Eita Nadaka Eita Nadaka
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Lune Zoldark Lune Zoldark Mai Kobayashi Mai Kobayashi
Arado Balanga Arado Balanga Masaki Andoh Masaki Andoh
Aya Kobayashi Aya Kobayashi Raidiese F. Branstein Raidiese F. Branstein
Brooklyn 'Bullet' Luckfield Brooklyn 'Bullet' Luckfield Rio Mei Long Rio Mei Long
Eita Nadaka Eita Nadaka Ryoto Hikawa Ryoto Hikawa
Excellen Browning Excellen Browning Ryusei Date Ryusei Date
Guiliam Jeager Guiliam Jeager Rätsel Feinschmecker Rätsel Feinschmecker
Kusuha Mizuha Kusuha Mizuha Sanger Zonvolt Sanger Zonvolt
Kyosuke Nanbu Kyosuke Nanbu Seolla Schweizer Seolla Schweizer
Lamia Loveless Lamia Loveless Tetsuya Onodera Tetsuya Onodera
Latooni Subota Latooni Subota Viletta Vadim Viletta Vadim

Anime Description: Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation

Giant robot pilots Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning are out on routine patrol. Anxious to get back so as not to miss the live televised unveiling of a new type of giant robot, Exellen tries to get Kyosuke to cut their patrol short and head back. Kyosuke will have none of that kind of talk though! Another pilot, Ryusei Date, is just as excited as Excellen, so when his patrol is done he forgoes his report and rushes straight to the lounge where his teammates are waiting and watching for the unveiling the VTX-001 Bartoon. Designed by a new contractor, Wong Heavy Industries, these giant humanoid robots are supposed to be significantly better than any of current models.

Kusuha Mizuha is the lucky one. She's representing ATX at the event itself, as are Lamia Loveless, Arado Balanga, Seolla Schweizer and Latooni Subota from the Aggressors. Unfortunately, everyone's beginning to get a bit aggitated seeing as how the Bartools are currently like two hours late and there's STILL no sign of them! And then FINALLY dude manning the radar equipment says there are incoming ships... it's the Bartools. FINALLY! Except... why are they shooting at everything and everyone?

Now all teams must scramble and try to stop this massacre! Taking out these new top-of-the-line robots doesn't seem too hard at first, but then by the second wave they somehow get much tougher. And where are all the people that should dead? There are no bodies... they're just gone! Betrayal? Kidnapping a stadium full of people? What the heck is going on here?! If you're looking for robot-on-robot action, then you've found the right anime!

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