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Tegami BachiLetter Bee (γƒ†γ‚¬γƒŸγƒγƒ)Tegami Bachi
76 TV Episodes76 TV Episodes
Viz MediaShueisha
Hiroyuki Asada
Action, Adventure, FantasyAction, Adventure, Fantasy
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Characters: Tegami Bachi

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Anne Seeing βŠ• Anne Seeing βŠ• Lawrence βŠ• Lawrence βŠ•
Aria Link βŠ• Aria Rink βŠ• Niche βŠ• Niche βŠ•
Connor Kluff βŠ• Connor Culh βŠ• Roda βŠ• Roda βŠ•
Doctor Thunderland Jr. βŠ• Doctor Thunderland Jr. βŠ• Sabrina Mary βŠ• Sabrina Mary βŠ•
Gauche Suede/Noir βŠ• Gōshu SuΔ“do/Nowāru βŠ• Steak βŠ• Steak βŠ•
Jiggy Pepper βŠ• Jiggy Pepper βŠ• Sylvette Suede βŠ• Silvet SuΔ“do βŠ•
Lag Seeing βŠ• Lag Seeing βŠ• Waliolska βŠ• Vashuka βŠ•
Largo Lloyd βŠ• Largo Lloyd βŠ• Zazie Winters βŠ• Zazie Winters βŠ•

Description: Tegami Bachi

Amberground is a land of eternal darkness, lit only by the light of a man-made sun that shines over the capital. Lag Seeing is a Letter Bee - a delivery boy who carries around the weight of people's "hearts" that he must deliver, and protect from the ever growing threat of Gaichuu - creatures that feed on the "heart."

When Lag was 7 years old, his mother was taken away to the capital Akatsuki, and Lag was left alone with a postal stamp on his arm. Sent to deliver this "letter", a Letter Bee named Gauche Suede finds Lag and brings him to the town of Campbell to live with his Aunt. Through their journey, Lag learns the meaning of letters and heart, and idolises the Letter Bee that saved his life; vowing to one day become a Letter Bee and live up to Gauche Suede - carrying the same dream to become the Head Bee.

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