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To HeartTo HeartTo Heart
13 TV episodes13 TV episodes
March 27, 2007 (DVD)April 1, 1999
Right StufKSS Oriental Light And Magic
Comedy, Drama, RomanceComedy, Drama, Romance
Akari KamigishiAkari Kamigishi
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Ayaka Kurusugawa βŠ• Ayaka Kurusugawa βŠ•
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Himekawa Kotone βŠ• Himekawa Kotone βŠ•
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Hiroyuki Fujita βŠ• Hiroyuki Fujita βŠ•
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Hoshina Tomoko βŠ• Hoshina Tomoko βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: To Heart

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akari Kamigishi Akari Kamigishi Masashi βŠ• Masashi βŠ•
Ayaka Kurusugawa βŠ• Ayaka Kurusugawa βŠ• Miyauchi Lemmy βŠ• Miyauchi Lemmy βŠ•
Himekawa Kotone βŠ• Himekawa Kotone βŠ• Serika Kurusugawa βŠ• Serika Kurusugawa βŠ•
Hiroyuki Fujita βŠ• Hiroyuki Fujita βŠ• Shiho βŠ• Shiho βŠ•
Hoshina Tomoko βŠ• Hoshina Tomoko βŠ• Yoshie Sakashita βŠ• Yoshie Sakashita βŠ•

Description: To Heart

To Heart is a mild yet enjoyable anime based on a dating simulation game. No robots or monsters or spaceships or alternate dimensions are to be found at the center of the story, as this series is all about relationships and everyday life. I know, saying it like that kinda makes it sound boring, but surprisingly it's not. Each character has something about them that makes you care and want to learn more.

In the first episode, we see that Akarai had been friends with Hiroyuki ever since they were both little kids. Now they are both starting a new semester at high school, and although they are still both good friends to each other, it seems like Akari might want to be more than friends with Hiroyuki. Of course, Hiroyuki is oblivious to this, and Akarai isn't the outgoing type who would just go up and confront him about it.

In the second episode, a popular Japanese rock band known as "Childish An Hour" comes to town. Hiroyuki and Akarai, and their friends Masashi and Shiho all express an interest in going... only problem is, there are no more tickets available. But then somehow Shiho manages to snag two tickets through a music store where his big sister used to work, and thus now has the dilemma of choosing who gets to go.

In the third episode, Hiroyuki unintentionally befriends a quiet mysterious girl named Serika Kurusugawa. Serika is a member of the school's Occult Club... or I should say the only member of the school's Occult Club. When she speaks, it is never more audible than a whisper, making it difficult-to-impossible for us to hear what she's saying. Thankfully, Hiroyuki repeats what she says before responding, so we don't have to be subjected to one-sided conversations whenever she's around.

In the fourth episode (and the final one on the first DVD), we are introduced to a new girl, Aoi. She is attempting to get people interested in her new extreme martial arts club, but everyone just seems to shrug her off. Somehow she is able to convince good ole Hiroyuki to try it out... I'm sure it didn't hurt that she was a cute girl. Then one day Akarai and Shiho decide to follow him and check out his practice, but they end up witnessing a confrontation between Aoi and her rival, Yoshie Sakashita, who is a member of the Karate Club.

The DVD contains a few extra features, such as character bios, translation notes (my favorite), line art gallery, trailers, and a reversible cover. It also has both English and Japanese dialog, and optional English subtitles. Oh, and Dolby Digital audio. All-in-all, not a bad release at all, especially for a series that I wasn't expecting to like.

Description: To Heart

To Heart, also referred to as Heart To Heart, is about a high school boy named Hiroyuki Fujita, who is rather lucky at befriending girls. He has one male friend, named Masashi, but his other friends are a group of girls.

The anime is calm, laid-back, and easy to follow. Most of the episodes depict common things, such as everyday duties, seating arrangements in class, clean up duty, etc. It's short, nothing to reach out and grab you, and no real thrill, but it is nice to sit and watch.

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