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Tomorrow's NadjaAshita no NadjaTomorrow's Nadja
50 TV episodes
Feb 2, 2003–Jan 25, 2004
Toei Animation
Abel Geiger
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Anna Petrova
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George Haskil
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Nadja Applefield
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Characters: Tomorrow's Nadja

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Abel Geiger --?-- Rita Rossi --?--
Anna Petrova --?-- Silvie Arte --?--
George Haskil --?-- Thomas O'Brien --?--
Nadja Applefield --?--

Description: Tomorrow's Nadja

Nadja is an anime about the turn of the century (19th-20th) social life in Europe. It's the story of a young teenage girl named Nadja who lives in an orphanage in London and the only clue she has about her family is a mysterious locket...

Suddenly Nadja's orphanage burns down and two strange men try to steal her locket. And then the adventure begins. She is saved by a man who she calls "the knight of the bright eyes" and meets Francis, whom she believes is him.

Nadja joins the circus to fulfill her dream of being a dancer. So, she travels through Europe with the Dandelion Circus and learns a lot. She eventually finds out her mom is alive and goes in search of her, while learning more of the past, helping many people and making friends along the way... until she figures out that society expects little aristocrats to sit at home and host balls.

It's an anime about the new world "princesses", social changes, woman freedom, and lots of romance along the way, including Nadja's very hard choice- Francis or Keith?

Description: Tomorrow's Nadja

This is a story about a girl named Nadja. She lived in an orphanage, but when the director of the orphanage tells Nadja her mother is alive, she goes to the Dandelion Company (which is a company who travels around the world), and goes to work with them so that can travel around the world with them searching her mother.

Tomorrow's Nadja

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