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Cartoon Profile: Total Drama Island

USA Info
Canadian Info
Total Drama Island Total Drama Island Total Drama Island
27 TV episodes 27 TV episodes
Cartoon Network Fresh TV Inc., Teletoon, Cake
  Jennifer Pertsch, Tom McGillis, Olivia Stackhouse
  Todd Kauffman, Mark Thornton
Comedy Comedy
Tyler Tyler
· · ·
Beth Beth
· · ·
Bridget Bridget
· · ·
Chef Chef
· · ·
Chris Chris
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Cartoon Characters: Total Drama Island

English Name
English Name
English Name
English Name
Tyler Tyler Heather Heather
Beth Beth Iizzy Iizzy
Bridget Bridget izicio izicio
Chef Chef Jeff Jeff
Chris Chris Justin Justin
Cody Cody Katie Katie
Courtney Courtney Lashanda Lashanda
DJ DJ Linzzey Linzzey
Duncan Duncan Noha Noha
Eva Eva Owen Owen
Gabriella Gabriella Sadia Sadia
Gwen Gwen Trent Trent
Hareld Hareld    

Cartoon Description: Total Drama Island

Notice: This is not Japanese animation! I have, however, decided to include it on this site anyway. If you're one of those hard-core anime purists who can't stand seeing a non-anime series on a site dedicated to Japanese animation, then just press the Back button on your web browser and pretend like you were never here.

Total Drama Island is about teens that take on a series of challenges that will test out their physical and mental skills to win 100,000 dollars. The host of the show is Chris, a funny skater dude. He and Chef the cook are the only adults on the island. There is going to be lots of romance, comedy, and challenges for the whole family to enjoy... well, the whole ADULT family.

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