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Alpha-QAlpha-QAlpha-Q (Transformers: Energon)
Quintesson (Cyborg)Quintesson (Cyborg)
Orange (Grimace), Green (Smily), Yellow (Demon), Blue (Elder)Orange (Grimace), Green (Smily), Yellow (Demon), Blue (Elder)
Trevor DevallYûichi Nagashima, Yukie Maeda (true Alpha-Q)
Transformers: EnergonTransformers: Superlink

Character Description: Alpha-Q

A bizarre, cybernetic entity with three rotating faces; an aggressive red demonic face, a smiling white face, and a grimacing green face. These faces each have their own persona, as he literally talks to himself, making Alpha-Q seem more like a collective than one being. He also has a fourth "elderly" face which seemed to be the dominant persona that rarely reveals itself except for important matters.

Alpha-Q is kept up by an energy beam that propels them off the ground when not connected to Unicron, and has a number of white cable tentacles to hold and press things.

Alpha-Q's world was destroyed by Unicron many years ago. He succumbed to despair until the day he was reawaken by Unicron, who needed Alpha-Q to revive him. As a result, he revived his bodyguard Scorponok and created the Terrorcons to gather Energon. But to speed things up, Alpha-Q had Scorponok easily-dupe the Decepticons to further their schemes.

Unfortunately for them, Megatron used the Energon the Terrorcons captured for his resurrection. Once Scorponok was defeated, Alpha-Q was forced to flee in Unicron's head. He created his own version of StarScream to assassinate Megatron and Optimus, but that failed. He even created new Terrorcons to replace those stolen from him.

Eventually, when he finally met Kicker for the first time, Alpha-Q was shocked when Kicker revealed the fact that Alpha-Q's four faces are nothing but masks and demands to meet the TRUE Alpha-Q. The TRUE Alpha-Q, though his face was not revealed, was nothing but a frightened child who wanted to revive Unicron for the purpose of recreating his home world. Kicker's words for encouragement made Alpha-Q decide to help the Autobots anyway he could, on the condition they allow him to recreate his world.

Thank to the Autobots, Alpha-Q succeeded in creating a new galaxy with many planets, with Unicron's head functioning like a sun. But Alpha-Q soon died when Unicron reclaimed his head, though Kicker's group and Rodimus retrieved Alpha-Q's lifeless body. He was given a burial on one of his planets.

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