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Nina SakuraNina Sakura (δ½ε€‰δ»θœ)Nina Sakura (Ultra Maniac)
Nina SakureiruNina Sakureiru (ιš”ι›’εœ–ζ˜―η”·η”Ÿδ»θœ)
About 13-14 years oldAbout 13-14 years old
Tan-ish blonde, shortTan-ish blonde, short
Student, candidate for princessStudent, candidate for princess
Carrie SavageKanada Akemi
Episode 1, "Ayu & Nina"Episode 1, "Ayu & Nina"
Ultra ManiacUltra Maniac

Character Description: Nina Sakura

Nina Sakura is a young witch from the Magic Kingdom. She is a candidate for princess and was transported to the human world. There she meets Ayu Tateishi, who helped her find her mini-computer which she uses to do magic.

She and Ayu became best friends and she promised to help Ayu with all her problems, which turns out to cause more problems! Nina had feelings for her classmate, Hiroki Tsujiai, who is so kind to her and always helped her out with English problems!

Character Description: Nina Sakura

Ulta Maniac is an anime about two friends, Ayu Teteishi and Nina Sakura. Nina is a witch from a place called the Magic Kingdom, while Ayu is just an average high school girl. They meet each other and one thing leads to another... okay, a LOT of things lead to a LOT of other things.

Nina is one of the seven candidates for the Princess contest, wherein the contestants are to find five holy stones. The holy stones are the treasures of the Magic Kingdom's royal family. The first witch to collect all five stones gets to marry the prince.

So Nina is sent to Earth, where she meets Ayu and the gang, to find the holy stones. They go through a lot of adventures and misadventures. Nina has always wanted to be the princess ever since she was small, but when she finally gets all the stones, she realizes she has found somethng that she deems more important than being the princess. So she forfeits it to another witch, Maya Orihara, who turns out to be the Prince's childhood love. They all live happily ever after. The End.

Character Description: Nina Sakura

Nina is a kid witch from the magic kingdom. Nina came to the human world to study there because her grades were low. Another reason why she went there was to find the 5 holy stones that can make her the best witch and be the princess of the magic kingdom. In the beginning she met Ayu Tateishi who also became her best friend and the only one who knows that she is a witch... well, not until Tsujiai caught her in act... Tsujiai is her love interest.

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