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VexilleVexille - 2077 Nippon Sakoku ("Vexille - 2077 Isolation of Japan") (ベクシル 2077ζ—₯ζœ¬ιŽ–ε›½)Vexille
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Vexille - 2077 Isolation of Japan
1 Movie1 Movie
May 20, 2008August 18, 2007
FUNimationOxybot, avex mode, CCRE Co., Shochiku Film, Shogakukan, TBS
Fumihiko Sori
Fumihiko Sori
Action, Sci-FiAction, Sci-Fi
Borg βŠ• Borg βŠ•
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Chairman Itakura βŠ• Chairman Itakura βŠ•
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Jack βŠ• Jack βŠ•
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Kisaragi βŠ• Kisaragi βŠ•
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Leon βŠ• Leon βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Vexille

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Borg βŠ• Borg βŠ• Saga βŠ• Saga βŠ•
Chairman Itakura βŠ• Chairman Itakura βŠ• Saito βŠ• Saito βŠ•
Jack βŠ• Jack βŠ• Taro βŠ• Taro βŠ•
Kisaragi βŠ• Kisaragi βŠ• Vexille βŠ• Vexille βŠ•
Leon βŠ• Leon βŠ• Zak βŠ• Zak βŠ•
Maria βŠ• Maria βŠ•

Description: Vexille

Vexille is a CG animated Sci-Fi tale that takes place in an alternate 21st Century, where Japan has perfected the science of Robotics and Biotechnology ultimately giving benefit to all of humanity. However the United Nations view the technology with mistrust and deem it as a serious threat. As a result, strict surveillance was forced upon the country, in which they ultimately refused, isolating them from the rest of the world in 2067.

Ten years pass and a Special American unit named "SWORD" is dispatched in order to investigate the isolated country and its current progress with its technology after reports of mysterious movements from the nation. Lead by the female commander Vexille, they discover the secrets which could dramatically shock and change the entire world....

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