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Anime Profile: Video Girl Ai

USA Info
Japanese Info
Video Girl Ai Video Girl Ai Video Girl Ai
6 OVA episodes 6 OVA episodes
1999, December 4, 2001(DVD) 1992
Viz Video Shueisha
  Masakazu Katsura
  Mizuho Nishikubo
Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Romance Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Romance
Ai Amano Ai Amano
· · ·
Ai's Creator(a.k.a. "The Man")  
· · ·
Moemi Hayakawa Moemi Hayakawa
· · ·
Takahashi Niimai Takahashi Niimai
· · ·
Yota Moteuchi Yota Moteuchi

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Description: Video Girl Ai

Yota Moteuchi is a very shy guy. He rents a video starring Ai Amano, and when he plays it, Ai jumps out of the video screen and into his life.

Yota has a crush on Moemi, but can't bring himself to tell her of it. Moemi, however, likes Yota's best friend Takahashi.

Ai has a limit of 30 days before she must go back into the tape again. Can Ai help Yota to win over Moemi's heart in 30 days? What could happen if Yota falls in love with Ai?

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