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Anime Profile: Voices of a Distant Star

USA Info
Japanese Info
Voices of a Distant StarHoshi no KoeVoices of a Distant Star
1 movie1 movie
ADV FilmsMangazoo
Makoto Shinkai
Makoto Shinkai
Romance, Sci-FiRomance, Sci-Fi
Mikako Mikako
· · ·
Noburo Noburo

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Voices of a Distant Star

Earth is being attacked by an unknown alien force from outer space. To combat this threat, the UN sends several fighters out into space, one of these fighters being fifteen year old Mikako.

The story starts with Mikako remembering her time with Noburo. While Noburo stays on Earth, she goes out to fight in space. The only way they stay in touch is through text messages on their mobile phones but as the distance between them gets bigger, the longer it takes to recieve a text.

Noburo waits a month, then a year, then a total of eight years and six months to recieve mail from his love. Not only that, but Mikako does not age while in space while Noburo grows older alone. Each wait hopefully for the next messege that seems to take an eternity to reach them.

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