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SvenTakashi ShiroganeSven (Voltron: Defender of the Universe)
16 years old16 years old
Blue lion pilotBlue lion pilot
Voltron: Defender of the UniverseHyakujuu-Ou Go-Lion

Character Description: Sven

Sven did not stay long with the team, as he was injured in a battle with the evil witch Haggar early in the series. In the original Japanese version, Sven died at this point, but in the American version he was only injured and taken to another planet which had better hospitals than those on Planet Arus (Planet Altea, in Japanese).

As it turned out, Zarkon's forces attacked the planet where Sven was recovering, and Sven was taken captive along with other citizens of the world. Sven and some of the others were then sent to Planet Doom (Planet Galra), where they were used as slaves. Sven, useless as a slave because he was still weak, was thrown in to a cave by himself and left for dead.

Then one day Princess Romelle was thrown down a hole by Prince Lotor, where she met Sven who helped her to escape. He didn't want to go back to Planet Arus because he felt that he had failed the Voltron Force. Princess Romelle told him to call them, but he refused. She kept on telling him, so that he eventually calls them through a comlink, and when he does calls Planet Arus everybody is glad to see that he is OK.

So the Voltron Force goes out to save them, and Sven and the Princess escape by taking one of Zarkon's ships. They get out of Planet Doom while Voltron is on his way. When they finally catch up to Voltron, Lotor brings out a RoBeast which almost defeated Voltron, if it wasn't for Sven and the Princess.

After the battle they return to Princess Romelle's planet and Sven tells Keith that he is going to stay with the Princess.... and Keith told him....."Remember you will always be with the Voltron Force...and when you want to come back you will be welcomed...."

In the finale of the show, Sven fights Lotor in hand-to-hand combat on a tower, and they both fall. They aren't seen again in the episode, but narration says that he survived.

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