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Character Profile: Sunako Nakahara

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sunako Nakahara Sunako Nakahara(中原 スナコ) Sunako Nakahara (The Wallflower)
Human Human
Female Female
17 years old 17 years old
Black Black
Purple Purple
Student Student
Hannah Alcorn Yukiko Takaguchi(高口 幸子)
Episode 1, "The Light That Shines Through The Darkness" Episode 1, "The Light That Shines Through The Darkness"
The Wallflower Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Character Description: Sunako Nakahara

The whole problem began when Sunako Nakahara, while in middle school, professed her love to a boy. Said boy, upon hearing this, bluntly and harshly said that he didn't like 'ugly' girls. Since then, Sunako (who was actually quite beautiful) fell into a deep funk, rejecting everything beautiful. She prefers to dwell in dark rooms, and has an odd fascination with things bloody and horror films. She even owns a human skeleton and two anatomical models, who she calls 'friends'.

Concerned of Sunako's lack of self-esteem, Mine Nakahara – her wealthy aunt – had enlisted the four handsome young men freeloading at her mansion, Kyohei, Takenaga, Yuki and Ranmaru, to try to mold her into a finely-crafted lady. If they succeed, their living expenses will be provided for free. But if they fail... then the four will have to pay TRIPLE rent!

Their path to molding Sunako is going to be a hard one. She refers to beautiful people as 'creatures of light', while ugly people (who she thinks includes her) are called 'creatures of darkness'. Whenever she sees a beautiful person, she often breaks-out in nosebleeds, and it's worst when she sees Kyohei. Flowers also have a bad habit of wilting whenever she walks by and windows tend to break as well. But she also has several talents in her side: she's smart, athletic, and is also a good cook – which is fortunate, since the boys can't cook without setting the kitchen on fire!

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