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Character Profile: Tatsuhiro Satou

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tatsuhiro Satou Tatsuhiro Satou Tatsuhiro Satou (Welcome to the NHK!)
Male Male
22 years old 22 years old
Brown Brown
Blue Blue
5'9" 176 cm
127.9 lbs 58 kg
Hikikomori(college drop-out) Hikikomori(college drop-out)
"I'm not a hikikomori." "I'm not a hikikomori."
  Yutaka Koizumi
Episode 1 Episode 1
Welcome to the NHK! N.H.K. ni Youkoso

Character Description: Tatsuhiro Satou

Satou is a 22 year old hikikomori, or someone with anti-social tendencies who tries not to leave their house. He is also a NEET (not educated, employed, or training). He dropped out of college on his first day because he thought everyone was talking about him in a bad way. He freaked out and ran home, and didn't come out of his house for four years. He lives there with the help of his parents who send him money. He believes the reason he became a hikikomori was because of a conspiracy from the N.H.K. a broadcasting station in Japan, which shows a lot of anime.

One day someone knocks on his door, and he opens it to find a beautiful girl standing there. However, it turns out she was there with some other lady, who was passing out pamphlets, and Satou, ho had little experience with social situations, accidentally revealed that he was a hikikomori who hadn't left his home in years. The girl later contacts him, tells him her name is Misaki, and says she has the cure to hikikomori and she'll help him, and gives him a contract to sign as soon as he decides he wants to be cured.

Satou is a bit of a liar and has a bad habit of having perverted fantasies at bad times, but deep down he's a good person, just a little deluded and somewhat lonely.

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