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Reina RyuuguRyūgū ReinaRena Ryuugu (When They Cry - Higurashi)
Rena RyuuguRyūgū Rena (竜宮 レナ)
15 years old15 years old
Light Brown/TanLight Brown/Tan
Light blueLight blue
5'3" (source: MyAnimeList)161cm (source: MyAnimeList)
About 90 lbs.About 40.8 kg
"So cute, I'm gonna take you home!""Kawaii yo, Omochikaeri!"
Mela LeeMai Nakahara
Episode 1Episode 1
When They Cry - HigurashiHigurashi No Naku Koro Ni

Character Description: Rena Ryuugu

Rena Ryuguu is a girl who had just moved to Hinamizawa about a year ago, and is in the same grade as Keiichi. Her real name however, is Reina, and had changed it after her parents were divorced. She is a sweet girl, with a fondness of cute things. Whenever she sees something cute, Rena immediately wants to take it home with her, (this is called her "take it home" mode) despite everyone telling her that "kidnapping is a crime". Whenever Rena switches into her "take it home mode" she becomes stronger and faster. Rena is very observant and has a keen eye for detail. (When Satoko and Rika went missing in Watanagashi-hen, she immediately knew where they were by a flier and the contents of their refrigerator.)

Despite her happy, cheerful appearance, Rena has had a hard life, and is frightening when angered. Her father was dating another woman, named Ritsuko who was only dating him for his money. At the junkyard, where Rena is seen frequently, Ritsuko told Rena that she was pregnant, and wanted to marry her father. After this however, Ritsuko attempted to strangle Rena to keep her from telling her father her (Ritsuko) intentions. Rena became enraged at this and beat Ritsuko to death with a pipe, then locked her in a refrigerator, and afterwards, killed Teppei (Ritsuko's pimp).

Rena has an unusual obsession and is very sensitive whenever the subject of "Oyashiro-sama" is brought up. In the manga she claims that Oyashiro is a non-human being, who appears at the head of her bed and stares at her at night. She also says that Oyashiro-sama "follows you around until forgiven".

Whenever she needs a weapon, she uses a large, hooked cleaver she found at the dump (in the anime) or a toolshed (in the manga).

Character Description: Rena Ryuugu

When you look at Reina you see a happy person who has an excellent life but, truly she has a dark side. In the past Reina and her parents lived in Hinamizawa but then when they divorced and she moved out of Hinamizawa with her mother she started becoming mentally unstable. She often scratched her neck and parasites came out. She became out of control and used a baseball bat and used it to smash her school's windows. After, Oyashiro (hanyuu) told her to come back to Hinamizawa and she did and changed her name to Rena.

Rena has a cheerful personality and loves cute things. She spends her time treasure hunting in a garbage dump with all of her friends. It is revealed afterward that she is in love with Keiichi but doesn't like to admit it so she never talks about it. Rena can be perverted at times especially in Rei with Keiichi's "sea bear".

Rena Ryugu is a murderer. She tends to carry a cleaver around with her. She is the funniest anime character ever. She tends to think many things are "cute" and "she wants to take them home." She can be quite freaky at times though. Such as her shouting, "USO DA!!!" at Keiichi in episode 4. In the Atonement Chapter, she goes missing by hiding in the junkyard. She then begins to claw at her throat. She puts bandages on her wound then goes to the school and threatens to blow it up. So as you can see, Rena as a fairly weird anime character.

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