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Anime Profile: Wicked City

USA Info
Japanese Info
Wicked City Yoju Toshi("Demon Beast City")(妖獣都市) Wicked City
· · ·
  Demon Beast City
1 Movie 1 Movie
August 20, 1993(Streamline) April 25, 1987
Streamline Pictures(VHS), Urban Vision(DVD) Madhouse/Japan Home Video
  Hideyuki Kikuchi
  Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Horror, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Suspense Horror, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Suspense
Guiseppe Maiyart Guiseppe Maiyart
· · ·
Kanako/Spider Woman Kanako/Spider Woman
· · ·
Maiyart Maiyart
· · ·
Makie Makie
· · ·
Mr. Shadow Mr. Shadow
· · ·
Taki Taki

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Anime Description: Wicked City

For centuries, the demonic Black World has remained unknown to most of humanity. However, for just as long, a pact has remained between the two worlds, creating a peaceful coexistence. But new terms are negotiated every 100 years.

However, a militant group known as "The Radicals" aim to prevent a signing of the latest treaty. Taki Renzaburo and Makie are two agents of the Black Guard, agents assigned to protect the balance between Earth and the Black World. They are partnered together on a case to protect Giuseppi Mayart, a 200-year old man who will play a vital role at the treaty signing. But the Radicals will stop at nothing to kill Giuseppi and upset the balance between Earth and the Black World. In this dark supernatural thriller, nothing is as it seems.

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