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Character Profile: Layla

USA Info
Italian Info
Layla Aisha Layla (Winx Club)
Human/Fairy Human/Fairy
Female Female
16 years old 16 years old
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
Winx Club member Winx Club member
"I had to learn different languages"  
Winx Club Winx Club

Character Description: Layla

Layla is sometimes lonely. She can sometimes get the gang out of stinky places. She's also new to the group. She has the power to movie liquid or fluid, and is a good friend.

Her pixie is Piff. Layla is also good friends with Flora. The others met her when she escaped Darker's Layer. They helped her feel better.

Flora comforted Layla in the begining when they first found her. But as time went on, Stella told stories about the group's friendship, and Layla felt like more of a loner because she did not share that history with them before she came to Alfea. She went and cried, and Musa went to comfort her and explained that she was now part of the Winx Club and had five best friends.

Then later on, Musa's father came and said that if Musa played in an upcoming concert, then he would withdraw her from Alfea. Musa didn't cry in front of him, but as soon as he left she broke down and Layla revealed that she was hiding behind a tree. They talked and that all worked out. They also did an assignement together.

Flora became close friends with Tecna when Timmy, Tecna's crush, kept talking about computers when Tecna wanted to learn about Timmy. They had a fight when Timmy came and said he was working for Miss Faragonda, and Tecna knew he came to see her. Flora and Tecna talked together, and Flora was able to comfort her.

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