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Masane AmahaMasane AmahaMasane Amaha (Witchblade)Masane Amaha (Witchblade)
Melanie (by her friends)Melanie (by her friends)
23 years old23 years old
Brown (normal), Red (Witchblade form)Brown (normal), Red (Witchblade form)
Brown (normal), Yellow (Witchblade form)Brown (normal), Yellow (Witchblade form)
Current bearer of the WitchbladeCurrent bearer of the Witchblade
Jamie MarchiMamiko Noto
Episode 1: "Beginning"Episode 1: "Beginning"

Character Description: Masane Amaha

Masane Amaha is the young (well-endowed) single mother of Rihoko Amaha. She is also an amnesic who has no memory of her life prior to the great earthquake that devastated Tokyo 6 years ago. The only thing that's kept her going was her daughter Rihoko, who she remembers holding as a baby. (Strangely enough right in Ground Zero of the Great Tokyo Earthquake.) Masane is a kind-hearted woman who is endlessly devoted to her daughter. However, she also tomboyish and a bit ditsy, even to the point where it seems like her daughter is taking care of her instead. Despite that, Masane and Rihoko have a very powerful bond with each other. However, she has also spent the last few years on the run from the NSWF Child services, who declare Masane unable to raise her on her own. But it wasn't until their return to Tokyo that she learns of her true destiny....

After being arrested and separated from Rihoko she discovers that she has inherited a powerful ancient weapon known as the Witchblade, which has been passed down to different women throughout the world's history. Transforming her into a powerful being that "literally" lusts for battle and destruction, she is eventually discovered by Doji Industries where she is given an offer, work for them by using her Witchblade powers to exterminate the "X-Cons" (rogue creations of Doji that are responsible for many murders around Tokyo) and she'll be given the support she needs to live on her own and raise Rihoko without the NSWF breathing down their necks.

As she fights the X-Cons (an eventually the "Cloneblades" created by the NSWF) she gains the support she needs to raise Rihoko. However, later on she is still faced with much adversity in her efforts, and her destiny as the bearer of the Witchblade may be much crueler than she ever imagined.....

Fun fact: In the original Japanese broadcast of the series, Masane's Witchblade form is censored from the original design (seen in the profile picture for this anime). However, her much sexier and more revealing form is retained in the Japanese and U.S. DVD releases.

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