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Luc Dupa
Winston Richard
Ratso Catso
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The Professor
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Characters: Wowser

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ratso Catso --?-- Wowser --?--
The Professor --?--

Description: Wowser

Wowser was the forerunner of Pokémon in the way that it was just senseless slapstick!

Wowser is a dog that gets picked by a cat called ratso catso (which voice sounds spookily similar to meowths old voice in Pokémon)! Here are a few episode descriptions to help describe the show:

The Iceman Cometh
The Professor build an ice cream freezer that frosts anything it comes into contact with. Ratso Catso begins playing with the machine and nearly turns the house into the glacier.

Automatic Eater
When Wowser hurts both his arms in a fall, he is unable to feed himself. The Professor comes to the rescue with an automated feeding machine. It works brillantly, until Ratso Catso takes control.

I'll See You In A Dream
The professor invents a machine that lets you step into your dreams. Ratso Catso dreams he is a super-hero and Wowser decides to journey into a dream where dinosaurs still roam the earth.

I Want My Mummy
A notorious art thief threatens to steal a golden mask from the egyptian exhibit at the museum, so The Professor wraps Wowser up like a mummy so that he may guard it. The robbery is foiled, but the thief is manages to escape when Ratso Catso attempts to lend a hand.

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